MYCARSEARCH aims to reinvent the traditional car purchase process to become one that is transparent and negotiation-free. We partner with like-minded dealers who share the same value as us, to offer our customers with below market average prices when you make purchase of your new car from us. We reveal to you what is the current market offers and what MyCarsearch can offer better, which is guaranteed to be lower than market average price.

Be informed of what others are paying based on the latest market average offer and what our dealers are able to offer you. Make an informed decision when buying your new car.

For support please contact ck@mycarsearch.my


At MYCARSEARCH, you can now compare a few models of different brands before coming to final decision to purchase your next new car. Compare within the brand of your choice or by body types across multiple brands, MyCarsearch provides a single platform that consumers can depend on when searching your next suitable car that’s ideal for you.

No more hunting from showroom to showroom. MyCarsearch brings all the brands into a single consolidated platform to ease you all the hassles.


Un-informed car buyers can get burned in the sales process and end up with paying above the fair price and the hidden fees. By presenting the pricing information upfront, MyCarsearch Certified Dealers eliminate the hidden surprises. We turn your car purchase process to become transparent so you do not end up paying extras. It's a radically new way to buy a car.

What is MyCarsearch?

We understand searching for a new car and ensuring you get the best price is often time consuming and a stressful task.

Because time is precious, we aim to help save you time for other important tasks that you want to pursue.

Try us today for your next car purchase.


MyCar PA is your dedicated personal assistant for all your car related issues such as handling your car insurance renewal, road tax renewal and many more. We are continuing to enhance MyCar PA to address all your needs to bring you peace of mind to drive your car around.

MyCarsearch works with an established corporate insurance consultation agency to bring you extra benefits when you renew insurance with us. Just a click and our ambassadors will be in touch with you to complete the motor insurance and road tax renewal. It's so simple and hassle-free and you never have to worry about missing your motor and road tax renewal anymore.

Download MyCarsearch App at Google Play Store to keep track and be informed when your motor insurance and road tax is due for renewal. It is an only organizer that you need to monitor the renewal schedules for your entire family or company fleet of vehicles.


Why renew insurance with us? On top of the usual coverage from your insurance provider, we offer additional benefits such as:

Complimentary INSURCARE Auto Breakdown Service
(For Private Use Vehicles Only.)

Unlimited tow services free of charge

Save up to 40% of parts cost with NO BETTERMENT CHARGES for vehicles up to 10 years

Motorist Personal Accident Insurance
(At a very competitive price of RM10.00)

Major Motor Medical
(affordable package starting from RM8 to RM32)

For more information, please contact our MCS support.
Terms and conditions apply.
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Meet Carson. Your dedicated Personal Assistant (P.A.) for all your car related issues including car insurance, roadtax renewal & many more!

He is working hard inside our mobile app now

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Hear what others say about MyCarsearch
  • "I got my car within 3 working days (including tinting & coating) after paying the down payment. MyCarsearch found the best offer for me. The dealer from Mazda is friendly and very efficient."

  • "Best way to buy a new car. 100% fast, legit and transparent service."

  • "I am satisfied with the services provided and the price is much lower compare to the price I enquired in showroom. Thank you MyCarsearch. Highly recommended."

  • " Sesiapa yang sedang mencari kereta, anda mesti pilih MyCarsearch kerana anda akan pasti jimat duit anda. Tiada extra charge yang tersembunyi. Saya sudah dan saya pilih #MyCarsearch!"

  • "It was my very first time buying a new car and it turned out to be an extremely good car purchase experience for me. I was surprised that the price is somehow the cheapest in the market! A big thumbs up to MyCarsearch!"

  • "Purchased my car via MyCarsearch with much better discount than offer given by other dealer outside. Good service from their dealer, easy and fast loan application, get car fast within 2 weeks. Very fast response too! Strongly recommended!"

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