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Vehicle Sales Report July 2017 by Brand: Sales Is Slowly Picking Up ( 2017-08-22 )

Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) has just released the vehicle sales report for July 2017. The total sales figure registered is 48,553 units mark 1,722 units dropped from the previous month 50,275 units. The reasons contribute to the fall of sales figure are due to post Hari Raya holidays as well as technical glitches with the ‘e-dafter’ system and affecting vehicles’ registration procedure. However, it is expected that there will be an increment of sales figure in August.

Perodua top the chart with 18,920 units sold, an increment of 1,099 units (+6.2%) compared to previous month. Honda takes on the second place with 8,576 units sold, a slight dip in sales by 232 units (-2.6%) from 8,808 units. Proton is at third place registering 5,954 units sold, also witness a dip in sales of 1,271 (-17.6%) units from 7,225 units sold in July.

Toyota comes at the fourth place with 5,543 units sold, a slight gain of 213 units (+4.0%) from last month 5,330 units sold. Nissan takes the fifth place with 2,518 units sold, a slight dip of 220 units (-8.0%) from 2,738 units registered in July.

For the premium brands, Mercedes Benz fall from its throne from sixth place to eighth place with 760 units registered, a dip of 481 units (-38.8%) from 1,241 units registered last month. BMW took the chance to rise to sixth place with 900 units registered, a slight dip of 25 unit (-2.7%) from last month figure.

Here are some honorary remarks for brands that has gained their sales figures, Ford (+18.4%), Lexus (+49.1%), Peugeot (+7.5%). Brands that experience dip in their sales figures are Volvo (-65.3%), Subaru (-52.2%), Volkswagen (-31.9%), Mitsubishi (-26.7%), Kia (-36.3%), Mazda (-12.4%).

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