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5 Ways To Prepare Your Used Car For Higher Resale Price ( 2017-08-23 )

If you are looking forward to sell your current used car, you should probably pay attention to this article. Consumer often trying to meet the best price when selling their used car. While savvy consumer will walk an extra mile to sell their existing car for better price. Determining the right car value is a blend of intuition and research, so you can always opt for a professional advice. That is why MyCarsearch has put together this guide for 5 ways how you can prepare your used car for selling as much money as possible.

1. Fix the damage parts

First of all, you can be all secretive about your car broken parts, but you will never escape from the car inspection. If your car has been banged up, you might want to have those minor dents and scratches professionally repaired. Also, make sure your car is mechanically sounds right before selling it, have the oil and filters changed and repair the broken parts that within your budget.

2. Get car detailing

A clean car speaks volumes for how you care for your car. Clean car usually gives a good impression that the car is being well maintained mechanically. As such, you should consider sending your car for car detailing before selling it off. Sending your car to professional auto detailer can cost from hundreds to thousands ringgit depending on the packages that being offered. There are exterior detailing such as paint coating, rims treatment, headlight restoration or engine degreasing to enhance the aesthetic of your car. Interior detailing requires much intensive care, be it leather protection and cleaning, windows tinting, dashboard coating, upholstery and cushion cleaning and so on. Alternatively, you can choose to detail your own car, but be prepared to spend some money to gather the proper tools and materials.

3. Practice regular cleaning

If you would want to avoid splurging for car detailing, you need to practise regular car washing and cleaning. One should practise regular cleaning by vacuum the interior, wash the wheels, wax the car and clean the headlamps are able to prevent your car from the risk of aging. You must not take rust for granted, they appears in the places that hidden from sight. Make sure you repair the scruffs and scratches that have been introduced to your car, these small spots can easily result to corrosion and rust to your vulnerable metal panels.

4. Factor in the after-market parts

Have you installed any expensive and authentic after-market parts? If you have, yes. Personalizing your car is able to increase the value and desirability of your car. Modification such as infotainment system with navigation, leather seats upgrade, authentic bodykit and all season tyres are highly favorable after-market parts. However, bear in mind that some alteration can hurt the resale value and generally speaking, loud exhaust, exaggerate bodykit and spoiler, badly designed engine hood, radical paint jobs are highly subjective to an individual taste. Therefore, always think thoroughly before installing any after-market parts if they will appeal to the market, you would not want to invalidate your vehicle warranty by the end of the day.

5. Research before selling

First impression do matters. If you wish to put your used car onto car listing sites, conduct some research on how to make your car stands out among all cars. Bear in mind that the picture must be clear and big enough for zoom-in. Honesty is the key, be sure to write detail and correct descriptions for your car and do not hide any information from the potential buyers. Also, not all cars are made equal, some cars are made to be collectible and has higher market retain value compared to the others, BMW E36, Honda Civic EK9 and Honda CR-X as such. Ultimately, if you need to sell your car fast and quick, you can always change the price to match your urgency.

Selling a car can be a challenging experience, negotiating with multiple dealerships is tiring and you will probably end up between two digits only. MyCarsearch has partnered with several used car dealers to quote for your car simultaneously and our network covers the whole of Peninsula Malaysia to assist you sell your car for as much money as possible. If you are not in a hurry, follow the above steps and slowly justify your price accordingly. Some processes may take some time and effort, but patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

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