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The Five Car Features That Are Slowly Disappearing ( 2017-09-12 )

Over the years, automobiles have experienced massive changes, we can somehow have a slight glimpse of what will the future hold for us. While many are us will be feeling nostalgic about 30 years from now when we think about how our first car looks like. While we are slowly moving towards the age of electric vehicle (EV), fossil fuel powered vehicles are slowly making way for more and more EV production. Before that could happen, MyCarsearch has list of car features that are slowly disappearing.

Pop-up headlights

Red color Mazda Miata

While many car makers have chosen aerodynamics over aesthetic, the pop-up headlights were being removed. There are numerous of iconic cars with pop-up headlights in which had captured our heart. The Mazda Miata, Toyota Corolla AE86, Porsche 944, Honda NSX, Lamborghini Diablo and more. While LED headlights are the trend right now, pop-up headlights were clever and fashionable back then. As the car was being ignited, the headlights rise out from the hood and cleverly hidden during the day, creating streamline design language to the car. By late 90s, the pop-up headlight left the mainstream and become exclusively on sports car only.

CD player

A man inserting CD into the car CD player

The CD player was once a luxury feature, we used to carry multiple CDs and changing them one by one to keep the music playing. As we hit the early 2000, cars are equipped with Bluetooth and USB connectivity making it easier to play music directly from the phone. Later, cars are installed with touch screen infotainment system that equipped with navigation, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, voice calling and more for better driving experience. Automakers are ditching CD player, an obsolete technology that people once find it useful and now seems to be inconvenient. Ask yourself, when was the last time you bought a CD from the store?


Car key being inserted into the ignition

Remember asking our parents for their car key is difficult? Now you do not have to tip toe and feeling afraid the key jangling sound will wake up your parents. The modern car has adapted key fob entry which also known as keyless entry. Having to say, the keyless entry enables driver to lock and unlock the car as well as activate the engine remotely by sending radio frequency signals from a remote transmitter to the car receiver. While many argue that keyless entry provides better convenience and safety, physical key is the more practical option given that it is cheaper to replace one if you have lost the key. What’s most important is the pleasure of twisting the key to ignite the car is simply irreplaceable.

Physical gauges

Car physical gauges

The odd that your next vehicle having a physical gauge is pretty slim. Gone were those days of seeing the long needle sweep and dance along the arc of gauge. Car makers like Audi, Mercedes and Volkswagen have already adapted digital gauge in their recent models, reason being the digital gauges are able to display more information than the traditional physical gauge. While digital screen is more customizable, drivers are able to access to map, real time vehicle information, music track, fuel consumption, eco-driving capability and more. Drivers are able to keep their eye-level on the road while looking at the dynamic map without staring down to the center console, making navigation less hassle. Digital instrumental clusters was once popular in the 80s, but technological limitations have caused them to flare out quickly. Fast forward to modern days, we can agree to disagree that the mainstream physical gauges will be replaced by LCD screens.

Gear sticks

Manual transmission car gear stick

Manual transmission were once popular for better fuel economy, greater durability, greater driving involvement. Over the years, these great qualities no longer exceptional for manual transmission, as majority people wanted to experience the ease of driving without bothering about gear shifting. While some carmakers still retain stick shift in their sports car, such as Mazda Miata and Subaru BRZ, most exotic carmakers like Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari have decided to phase out the manual transmission in their upcoming models. The trend is accelerating resulting from societal factors such as traffic congestion, autonomous driving and cruise control. There are still niche market that enjoys driving stick shift, however, carmakers have decided to discontinue the production for manual transmission merely to make way for the production of highly accepted automatic transmission cars.

As we move into another age of technology, there are nothing surprising about how technology gadgets have replaced the convenience and practicalilty of car features. How we wish that cars these days are as simple as pressing a few buttons and let the mechanicals do the rest. As drivers are opting for more customizability in driving as well as a home theater like interior, car makers have answered their prayers by giving what they want.

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