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5 Reasons To Hype About The Honda Urban EV ( 2017-09-15 )

Honda has kicked up a notch by surprising everyone at this year Frankfurt Motor Show with the Honda Urban EV Concept. Honda has been paving its way in the EV production, first by introducing Fit EV, then the Clarity Electric. Early this month, Honda has unveiled a teaser image of an instrumental panel indicating charging percentage and blue illuminated Honda logo. Little did we know, the Urban EV is going to become the coolest looking EV. MyCarsearch is going to tell you the 5 reasons to hype about the Honda Urban EV.

1. The Retro Design

The Urban EV is looking like a concept car from the 80s, and we love it. Some said it looks like the first generation Honda Civic with the quirky cute styling while some said it looks like an old school CR-X. The car is a mix of futuristic machine and classical design cues. It allows the Urban EV to stand out from the range of EVs like the Hyundai Ioniq, Teslas and Nissan Leaf. Not to mention, the Urban EV has included the traditional appealing elements like wide fenders, low slung body structure, round headlamps and minimal design language which appeal to most car enthusiasts.

2. Two Door Hatchback

The Urban EV is a two door subcompact hatchback, it is specially designed for urban city driving in order to maneuver in tight areas, just like how Urban EV got its name. The Urban EV adapts rear-hinged doors and can be opened wide 90 degree, perfect for rear passenger to move in and out of the car. With the absence of B-pillars, the Urban EV look seamlessly minimal, even the door knobs are absent here too.

3. Panoramic Touchscreen Panel

The massive panoramic touchscreen panel is seated on the dashboard extending from the driver’s dashboard to passenger dash. The display will be showing span of vehicle information including speedometer, energy consumption, multimedia supports and more. There are two switches and touchscreen toggles situated down below for temperature control. Not to mention, there are smaller display panels on both drivers and passenger side doors where they show live video feeds from the exterior mirrors.

4. The Vintage Bench Seats

As we wave good bye to bench seats, Honda decided to bring them back. The Urban EV will take up four occupants with two bench seats positioned on the front and back of the car. The grey fabric upholstery matches the use of wood trim on the dash. The interior feels more spacious and airy, thanks to the panoramic glass sunroof.

5. Smart and Customizable

Honda Urban EV uses the Honda Automated Network Assistant, which is described as a 'personal concierge', the car has the ability to detect and learn from the driver’s emotions that influence the driver's judgement. Also, there is an OLED display on the grille is able to indicate battery charge status and display personal messages for other drivers.

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