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Best Affordable Hatchbacks: Perodua Axia And Proton Iriz ( 2017-09-27 )

Purchasing a new hatchback for city driving can be a tough choice, given that there are plenty of options out there. The hatchback serves as a lightweight and more fuel efficient way to make the most out of your budget. To make up with the lack of majestic outlook, hatchback is perfect for urban travelers to maneuver in tight areas. MyCarsearch has sorted out the best budget hatchbacks in the market, our national cars Perodua Axia and Proton Iriz.

Red hatchback car with Iriz wording in frontWhite hatchback car with Axia wording in front

Interested at these hatchbacks, check out the great deals for Proton Iriz, Perodua Axia

Priced from RM446 monthly

Buying a hatchback is always a real bargain, they are being offered in low price and provided the equal conveniences. One who owns a hatchback will agree that they are easy to drive and less expensive to maintain. With only RM446 per month, you can drive home the Perodua Axia Standard G variant with automatic transmission. The Proton Iriz Standard comes in a complete package of great look, brilliant practicality and it only costs you RM565 per month.

The service maintenance for both hatchbacks are pretty reasonable too. Given at 30,000 km mileage, the service charge is only RM212.72 while the Proton Iriz will cost you only RM325.67.

Price chart showing Axia cost of service maintenance

Service Maintenance for Perodua Axia (SOURCE: PERODUA)

Price chart showing Iriz cost of service maintenance

Service Maintenance for Proton Iriz (SOURCE: PROTON)

Both hatchbacks are the base model which comes with minimal features at an affordable price point. However, you can always fork up a few bucks for high spec variants which comes with plenty of features that add convenience to your day-to-day driving.

Top notch practicality and standard safety

Hatchback is a perfect blend of comfort, power and handling. Also, hatchback cleverly utilize its back door to create bigger boot space. The Perodua Axia has 260 litres boot space which allows you to store at least 4 cabin size bags. The rear passenger seat can be folded into flatbed mode in order to expand the boot space so you can easily put in more items. The Proton Iriz comes with 215 litres boot space with the seats up and can be expanded to 265 litres when the seats are being folded. Both hatchbacks do not have the biggest boot space in their segment, however they should be just good enough to throw in some groceries on daily basis.

Red car bonnet with 4 luggages with different colours in it    Red car bonnet with luggage and 2 bags in it

Interested at these hatchbacks, check out the great deals for Proton Iriz and Perodua Axia !

Safety-wise, Perodua Axia is equipped with dual airbag and ABS as standard. All variants get anti-snatch hooks on both driver and front passenger seats. Push Start and Keyless Entry as well as infotainment touch screen are reserved for the Advance variant. The Iriz is equipped with similar safety features with added stability control, brake assist and hill-start assist. The Premium 1.6 litre variant gets six airbags!

Car interior with leather and white bag on the hook    Top view of red car showing the position of air bags

Interested at these hatchbacks, check out the great deals for Proton Iriz, Perodua Axia

Efficient performance with little surprise

Under the bonnet, the Perodua Axia is powered by 1.0 litre VVT-i engine derived from Toyota technology. The power outputs are 67 hp and 91 Nm of torque. Yes, the Axia is pretty underpowered when speeding on the highway. Yet, the Axia has benefited from its small engine by improving their fuel consumption, Perodua claims that Axia could go 22.5 km per litre fuel. Size does matter, the car is small and light weight which resulting to less comfort, but you can easily squeeze into any tight parking spot and make your way out from parking without all the hassle. It is a plus point for me.

Car interior showing the dashboard and steering   Car interior showing the leather seats

Interested at these hatchbacks, check out the great deals for Proton Iriz, Perodua Axia

The Proton Iriz comes with two engine permutations, you can opt for either 1.3 litre variant in manual or auto transmission, producing 94 hp and 120 Nm of torque. Alternatively, you can choose the top spec 1.6 litre Premium CVT producing 107 hp and 150 Nm of torque. According to user’s feedbacks, the 1.3 CVT can only go 12 km per litre fuel while the 1.6 CVT goes 15 km per litre fuel. We can agree that Proton Iriz is not a winner in terms of fuel saving, but it makes up for great handling and sturdy performance.


Overall, if you want to make the most out of your budget, the Perodua Axia is for you. This practical hatchback could be your college kid first car or your mum’s ride to the market. If you are seeking for a fast car, better turn the page, because the Axia is simply a car built for the mass. The stylish looking Proton Iriz is great to be your first car after college, there would be some complaints with the CVT engine but you will soon compromise with the great handling and comfortable seats.

We hope that we have helped you to make a choice between these two hatchbacks. If you think sedan is more likely to be your cup of tea, head over to check out our Proton Persona review.

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