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Car Buying Guide: Five Concerns About Buying A New Car ( 2017-10-06 )

For many consumers out there, buying a new car is like putting a checkmark onto the bucket list. Many thinks that car buying process is complicated and afraid of falling into the trap of crafty dealerships.  For the past few years, many consumers have raised their concern for vehicle reliability and this has significantly improved. In the modern days, consumers have more concerns than they do back in the days. MyCarsearch is here to take note on your concerns and hopefully you can take away with some assurance from this article.

1. Car brands and variants

Red Toyota Camry and Brown Toyota Innova

Having a brand perception is important, many buyers choose to be a follower of brand and stick with it throughout the years. When purchasing a new car, you need to avoid being infatuated by brand and focus on what you need in a car. Your choice of car should be in line with your work, family capacity and storage capability. Many carmakers have consecutively producing cars that equipped with many tech gadgets that are inessential and might not be feasible for day to day driving.

While most cars are being offered in 3 variants, the standard spec, mid spec and full spec, the price gap is usually around few thousands. Choosing the right car, you should prioritize safety features, value and performance should come second. Styling and accessories should not be your priority as these can be done with OEM parts.

2. Maintenance and instalment

Man in blue jacket checking the maintenance status of the car

Regular preventive maintenance is important to keep your car faultiness and you can enjoy a total peace of mind. It also saves you plenty of money on repair in the long run. You will be surprised by the fact that many drivers are completely unfamiliar with basic maintenance steps such as changing the oil, checking tyre’s pressure or perform simple engine inspection. Therefore, It is recommended that you should opt for free service package and leave the rest to the experts when you purchase a new car.  

On the other hand, budget is one of the many factors that affecting your choice of car and car loan possess as a great concern. Buying a new car requires 10 percent of down payment. The interest amount that one has to pay varies with the loan tenure and loan amount. The optimum rate you can look out for is to have shorter loan tenure (Preferably 5 years) and lower loan amount (lower monthly instalment).

3. Test drive or not test drive

Man in white shirt smiling happily during the test drive session with the sales representative in suit

For those car enthusiasts or consumers who are just careful with the money they spent, it is a must for them to test drive before purchasing a car. Yet, many car buyers have chosen to skip the test drive session simply because all consumer cars can take you from point A to B without any hassle. Besides, thanks to the advancement of Internet, you can now avoid the hassle of going into showrooms. It is best believe that you and many other drivers have already done piles of research and read the car reviews available online before making the move. Also, some drivers simply hate the experience to deal with salesman and wanted to make the transaction to proceed as quickly as possible.

However, purchasing a new car should be more cautious especially it is a big ticket item. It is always a personal choice whether you should visit the showroom or cut down the small talk and straight to the purchase, you decide.

4. Trade In Used Car

Car salesman in black suit is introducing the car features to the customer with white t shirt

Many buyers prefer to trade in their current car when getting another one. All they have to do is drive to a dealership and drive out with a different vehicle. It is a great way to save you all the hassles. However the trade in value for your used car will be manipulated by the dealer in order to match the discount that given to you for the new car. You also thought about selling the car on your own, but the complicated steps are holding you back. Even if you have checked all the pricing sources and you would still ended up haggle with the salesman to get the best deal out of it.

With MyCarsearch, we partnered with several used car dealers to quote for your car simultaneously. We keep our price fair and transparent so you will have the upper hand to select the best deal out of the many quotations. We provide door to door valuation and handle all the complicated paper works for your best convenience. Alternatively, what you can do is to prepare your used car in order to get higher resale value, follow the steps and justify your price accordingly. 

5. Reliable service

There are always many good deals and discounts that can easily sway your focus away from picking the right car for yourself. While some salesman might leave you high and dry with all the overpromises. It is always important to find a reliable service that could serve as a concierge to facilitate your car buying procedure. Bear in mind that you can always equipped yourself with some research before signing the deal, at the end of the day, it is best to get an attainable deals for the car you need rather than a car that will fall below your expectation. MyCarsearch brings multiple car brands together in one hassle-free platform to ease you in making the right decision for the car that you desired. We present to you the pricing information from our certified dealers, so say no more to showroom hunting.

We hope you walk away with an answer for your concerns. For many first time car buyers out there, it is always comforting to have someone to walk through the process with you, MyCarsearch is able to offer great assistance for all your car related issues in order to bring you peace of mind the minute you walk away with your new car.


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