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Proton Saga - Better And Affordable Sedan ( 2017-10-12 )

The Proton Saga is definitely not a new name. The Saga is being accredited as Malaysia’s first locally produced car. It is also Proton longest running name plate for being produced for more than 31 years. The new Saga is at their third generation and Proton has made ample of updates to the new Saga. One thing for sure, the Saga is still the most affordable Proton that will drive you safely to your destination, let’s see how Proton has kicked it up a notch with the new Saga.

Saga Standard AT, Saga Executive, Saga Premium

There are plenty of new design inputs on the exterior, the Saga gets new facelift, new headlamps, new rear design and new grille. The new design language has been integrated subtly and even without the badging, you can instantly recognize it is a Saga. Albeit being marked at a lower price point, the Saga is very much consider a good bargain. In the A-segment market, the Saga is going head to head with the Perodua Bezza, the Saga’s 420 litre boot space is far behind Bezza which has 510 litre, you can look away if boot space is your priority.


The Saga is being offered in six colors, the Saga comes with white, silver, black, red and additional new color blue and grey as option. There must be one that fits your needs.



The dashboard of the new Saga has greatly improved in terms of appearance and usability. Keeping with the all black color theme, all the buttons are being clearly labelled and easily reachable. There are some silver trimmings around the air vents as well as on the steering wheel but those are only reserved for the Premium variant only.


The new Saga is not merely a reskin, it has received plenty of techy upgrade. The Premium model gets rear view mirror with integrated display to show video feed from reverse camera, double-DIN head unit with AUX, Bluetooth and USB input, steering wheel with multimedia controls, and rear USB charging port. All variants get new design fabric upholstery and folding rear seats. One thing to point out, even with the lengthier leg room, the rear seats are lack of adjustable head rest which might not be comfortable for long distance driving.


Saga Standard AT, Saga Executive, Saga Premium

Proton has tweaked the suspension of the new Saga to provide better dynamic in order to tackle uneven road surface and further reduce floating on highway driving. Also, Proton has revised the Saga’s steering ratio in order to allow tighter turning radius (5.1 m). The Saga is pretty decent to drive, the changes from the old model has significant improved the overall driving comfort if not more. The driver seat is adjustable by height, with the absence of telescopic steering wheel, you might need to take some time to get used to the driving position.  



The Saga is powered by 1.3 litre VVT engine for all variants and producing 94 hp and 120 Nm of torque mated with five speed manual transmission (Standard only) or four speed auto transmission. The VVT engine has been replaced from the previous IAFM+ which is adapted from Proton Iriz. The result is, stomping hard onto the pedal will not result in immediate acceleration, but the speed will start building up gradually. The much acclaimed CVT transmission is greatly improved, there is no lethargic reaction carried from the previous Saga. When going from 0 to 100KM, the Saga requires 13.1 seconds. If you drive economically, the Saga can achieve 18.5 km per litre fuel efficiency. There is an ECO Drive Assist indicator to go along with those who are fuel concerned.



Safety is an important concern to the buyers these days. Proton has made sure that the Saga is fully equipped with all the safety features that are presently available in the class. The top variant is now equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and hill hold assist. All variants are now equipped with two airbags and ISOFIX child seat anchors. However, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is absent on the standard variant which is a letdown, buyers can only opt for the Executive variant in order to get that feature.


Saga Standard AT, Saga Executive, Saga Premium

The Proton Saga is definitely one of the great option for those who are looking for an affordable first car. With Proton’s great effort, the Saga is aiming to achieve better footing in the market. The improved ride and handling performance has put Saga under the limelight. The Saga might not able to offer fancy features like Eco Idle nor Keyless Entry from the Perodua Bezza. Nevertheless, the Saga has done commendably to offer a decent list of practical and useful equipment at low prices. MyCarsearch would definitely recommend Saga Premium for overall improved handling performance at an affordable price tag. Find out how you can save more for Proton Saga Premium.


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