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Vehicle Sales Report September 2017 by Brand: Sales Are Down By 20 Percent ( 2017-10-20 )

MyCarsearch has just received the vehicle sales data for September 2017. The total sales figure registered is 40,981 units and marks an fall of 10,739 units from the previous month 51,720 units. The reason contributes to the drop of sale figures for 20% is because the short working month on September and stringent hire purchase loan approval.

All of the top five spots are experiencing fall of sales unit. Perodua top the chart with 14,355 units sold, registering fall of 4,275 units (-22.9%). Honda comes second with 7,906 units sold, registering fall of 1,827 units from 9,733 units (-18.8%).  Proton is at third place registering 4,498 units sold, registering fall of 1,954 units from 6,452 units from the previous month (-30.3%).

On the fourth place, Toyota registers 4,348 units sold, fall of 1,357 units compared to its previous month figures (-23.9%). Nissan lock in at fifth place with 2,153 units sold, registering fall of 398 units (-15.6%).

In the premium brand league, Mercedes Benz fall to seventh place with 955 units sold, experiencing plunge in sales of 267 units (-21.8%). While Audi and MINI register same amount of sales unit they did in August, BMW register 1,002 units sold (+9.5%) and rises to sixth place overtaking Mercedes Benz. Also, Lamborghini has finally register one unit sold after going zero for months. 

Here are some honorary remarks for the gainers. Volkswagen (+9.8%), Subaru (+46.7%).

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