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Best-Selling Sedan Under RM90K – Honda City and Toyota Vios ( 2017-10-24 )

This year, car makers have been aggressively battle it out in the game of B-sedans in order to get the title of Best-selling B-segment Sedan. Through all the hardships, there are two sedans have braced themselves for bumpy ride and emerged as best-selling sedan in Malaysia under RM90k. Honda City and Toyota Vios are the contenders in the segment. This week, we compare both City and Vios and find out which one is a better buy.     

Appealing Outlook


Request quotation for Honda City V or City Hybrid

The new Honda City is now equipped with new LED headlamps and LED DRL light strips for all variants. The metallic chrome bar that connects both head lamps is inspired by the latest Honda Civic. The redesigned front bumper has been given a sportier layout. The top spec V variant gets LED headlamps and LED rear lamps with ducktail spoiler. The City has retained its predecessor DNA without a doubt, but there is a sophisticated touch to it which is totally eye captivating.


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The Toyota Vios is now rocking with five variants with an additional GX variant joining the army. The GX variant gets a slightly different aerokit and new 15-inch alloys but not much else has changed. All variants now equipped with LED DRL light strips, and only the top three variants get projector headlamps. You can never go out of style with the Vios and this time the GX kit definitely gave the Vios a chic twist.

Powerful Performance


Likewise previous Honda City, the new Honda City remains the same 1.5 i-VTEC engine that produces 120 PS and 145 Nm torque. The new City comes with Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), Hill Start Assist (HAS), Emergency Stop Signal (ESS), push start button and smart entry starting from base variant. The top spec V variant gets paddle shifter which enable drivers to have more involvement in gear shifting in manual mode. The paddle shifters enable the car to deliver quicker and firmer shift than in full automatic mode. For the first time, Honda Malaysia has released the Honda City Hybrid, powered by Sport Hybrid i-DCD system mated with seven speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. The i-DCD system features an integrated electric motor, a lithium-ion hybrid battery and an electric driven compressor. Honda claims that the City Hybrid could perform as good as the 1.8 litre NA engine with great fuel efficiency.


The Vios is now equipped with an all new engine, the 1.5 litre 2NR-FE with Dual VVT-I producing 107 PS and 140 Nm. It is claimed by Toyota that the new engine is 18% more fuel efficient than the previous model, which makes the Vios certified as the first EEV for Toyota. Starting from standard Vios J, all variants get Smart Entry System, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), traction control, brake assist and ABS with EBD. Also, the new Vios features a more efficient seven-speed Sport Sequential Shiftmatic gearbox replacing the four speed one in the previous model, allowing driver to sequentially select the gear for more driver-centric experience.

As for fuel economy, Honda claims the City could perform 5.7 litres per 100 km drive which is around 17.5 km per litre fuel. There are no figure from the Toyota official however the media test out to be around 17 km per litre fuel.


Leading Comfort Practicality


A great sedan should have equipped with top notch practicality and spacious room for all passengers. Both City and Vios have scored well in this segment. The Honda City boast with a huge trunk with 536 litres of boot space while the Toyota Vios is slightly smaller with 506 litre boot space. Nonetheless, Both cars have deep boot space, one can fold down the rear passenger bench by 60:40 fold for greater storage capability. Inside the cabin, both City and Vios offer spacious room and great visibility for both driver and passengers. Both cars have a 6.8-inch touchscreen and reverse cameras, a USB port, and Bluetooth for their top spec variants. The Vios offers head-unit with DVD playback and voice recognition while the City support HDMI input. Unfortunately, no Apple CarPlay nor Android Auto support for both system.


The class leading technologies being equipped in the Honda City which improve overall comfort and usability. Honda City is equipped rear air vent with 2 extra power outlets for the rear passengers. Also on the City, the top spec is equipped with touchscreen auto air conditioning control. On the other hand, Vios is equipped with none of the above features, however all Vios variants are now being fitted with digital video recorder. Variants from E onwards will get new 360 degree parking camera system with lenses mounted on the front, rear and wing mirrors for better legibility when going in and out of the parking spot.



Priced from RM892 monthly


Both City and Vios are being priced very competitively in order to fight for the throne for being the best non-national sedan. Now you can drive home the Honda City with only RM892 per month. The Honda City S combines a great overall package of style, space, efficiency and performance. Alternatively, the all new Vios J AT has improved from its predecessor with great driving refinement and more generous safety kit levels at the expense of only RM909 per month.

Maintenance Schedule for Honda City

Maintenance Schedule for Toyota Vios

The service maintenance for both sedans are reasonable. Honda Malaysia do not reveal the maintenance schedule for Honda City, however the Honda Jazz with similar engine capacity could do the justice. Given at 30,000 km mileage, the service charge for Honda City is only RM272 while the service charge for Toyota Vios is only RM239.


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In a nutshell, comparing Honda City and Toyota Vios is like comparing apples and oranges. The Honda City is the perfect example of business on the front and party at the back given that the paddle shifters of the Honda City is a tempting choice, moreover the rear air conditioning vent is a great feature to cool down the interior especially under hot Malaysia weather. The class leading boot space offers great storage capability, perfect for you if you are starting a small family of four, the City will be able to cope with your day to day drive from work to home and spend the weekends away from the city buzz.

Comparing to the City, the Vios may lack of some techy features, however it goes head to head with the City when it comes to driving comfort and performance. The stylish Toyota Vios is equipped with new engine and new transmission that promise fun drivability and enhanced fuel efficiency. The new Vios might look a twin brother who is late for a year, however the added DRL strips is like putting a cherry on top, the Vios is now looking sporty without a doubt. While the City gets paddle shifters, the Vios is equipped with seven-speed Sport Sequential Shiftmatic that enables manual gear shift when overtaking on the highway. Also, we are obsessed with the new Crimson Spark Red Metallic color on the Vios which perfectly matches the Vios overall sporty design.

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So, are you ready to begin a new affair by taking on the City or Vios?


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