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MyCarsearch Team Pick Favorite Cars Of 2017 ( 2017-11-06 )

We always find ourselves in a common situation whereby we point out to the speeding cars on the highway and scream, 'That’s the car that I would buy if I won the lottery’. Oh well, that same scenario happens to the team in MyCarsearch, it gets worse when we are constantly being surrounded by beautiful shiny cars. This week, let’s get personal with us and we will reveal what are MyCarsearch team member’s favorite cars.

Heng Wei picked Mazda CX5

Heng Wei has chosen Mazda CX-5 as her favorite car of 2017. The Mazda CX-5 might not be the most spacious in its class, but the five seater CX-5 is an all-rounded SUV. The CX-5 is equipped with Mazda Skyactiv technology engine which increases fuel efficiency and engine output. Make no mistake, the Mazda CX-5 is capable and fun to drive. The engine is mated with a six-speed SkyActiv-Drive automatic and the power output is almost immediate driving the front wheels. Heng Wei is fond of the CX-5 sporty outlook especially in the all new Soul Red Crystal color. With high ground clearance, the CX-5 offers great viewing angle for both driver and passengers, just the perfect ride for young ladies out there.

Jin How picked Nissan X-Trail Aero Edition 2.5L

Jin How chose Nissan X-Trail Aero Edition as his favorite car. The X-Trail is rugged looking seven-seater SUV that revolutionized from it’s predecessor.  It is relatively spacious than both CR-V and CX-5. Aside from the 4WD capability, Jin How is especially fond of the X-Trail Aero Edition in Titanium Olive color. The Aero Edition is being equipped with TOMEI aerokit and 17 inch gloss black alloy wheels. The X-Trail is nimble on any road conditions, the Active Ride Control moderates bumpiness on uneven road surfaces for smoother ride. Jin How finds 360 degree view park assist useful especially going in and out of parking spot. The X-Trail is simply likeable in every way with combined cabin comfort and safety.

Chun Kit picked Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo

Chun Kit chose Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo as his favorite car this year. The Civic is a perfect blend of stylish design and powerful performance. For the first time, the Civic features 1.5L turbo engine which opens up more public acceptance towards turbocharged technology. Chun Kit is a simple man, great fuel efficient and comfortable driving position can easily fill the sweet spot for him. Being a techie, his favorite feature of the Civic will be the full color digital instrument cluster that perfectly display all car information.  Without a doubt, the Civic makes the perfect all-rounder that stands up from the competition and possess as best C-segment sedan in the market.

Kok Loon picked Toyota Camry Hybrid

Kok Loon chose Toyota Camry Hybrid as his favorite car of 2017. The Camry Hybrid is the renowned class leading D-segment sedan in the market before Accord comes into the picture. There are plenty boxes to check when it comes to the Camry Hybrid features. Kok Loon is liking the overall premium styling of the Camry, especially with the shaper LED headlamps. With the success of the Prius, the Camry Hybrid adopts Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system which enable the car to run on EV mode for up to 2.50 kilometer without the use of petrol. The Qi wireless charger for smartphones is his favorite feature, he can always on the go without worry of his phone goes low battery. The Camry Hybrid has elevated efficiency with increased power and reduced fuel consumption that speaks to your sense of style.

Kelvin picked Hyundai Ioniq

The Hyundai Ioniq is Hyundai first ever Hybrid sedan that being launched in Malaysia. Kelvin is a big fans of Hybrid vehicle because of its quiet interior and the Ioniq just hit the right note. Aside from that, the Ioniq offers a long list of safety features that that complement the overall driving experience. The Ioniq’s in-car tech features are very well being adapted to day to day usage, especially the Qi wireless smartphone charging panel.  Kelvin is fond of driving the Ioniq, the seating position is lowered like a sports car with very minimal body roll. The acceleration is snappy and the gear shifts are instantaneous for enthusiastic drive. The Ioniq might not be the most eye-catching Hybrid cars on the road, but what’s inside that matters.


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