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5 Tips To Protect Your Car During The Flood Season ( 2017-11-09 )

These days we have been receiving news that flash flood has hit the state of Penang and many other parts of Malaysia. Many flood victims have lost their home, land and vehicles. While some of the drivers have insured their cars with additional policy which inclusive of flood coverage, majority of other drivers have suffered from losses for not doing so. Nevertheless, many comprehensive car insurance simply do not protect your car against damage caused by flooding. Reason being flood is being included as peril alongside with typhoons, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. While some of the perils might sound rare in Malaysia, flood should not be inclusive in the category because it often happens in the Malaysia. 

Do not be frustrated just yet. Before scratching your head for insurance matter, MyCarsearch is here to suggest five tips to protect your car from flooding.

1. Plan your journey and reroute if possible

During rainy seasons, drivers should always plan their journey before stepping into the car. Many navigation apps have included chatting function, it has made communication easier. Waze is a free community-based navigation app. drivers are able to pin down the flood area onto the map and update the latest traffic condition to the community. You can always refer those information before taking off.

Before trying to drive through a flooded area, always check to see if there is a different route you can take to avoid putting your car into a great risk of flooding. If there is no alternative for you to escape the area and if you are in a rush, try to judge if the water level is not too high and if still passable, you may attempt to maneuver the water area using low gear while maintaining at low speed to prevent water flow into the engine. 

2. Avoid driving next to large vehicles

Large vehicles tend to block your sight when driving on the road. You should avoid tail gating on the large vehicle and only overtake when you get a clear vision of what is ahead of you. Large vehicles are especially hazardous as they can create waves that will push the water higher than expected which caused water to damage your car engine.

If you are driving a large vehicle, use emergency light during emergency braking and take care of the other passing vehicles to avoid accident happens during flood seasons.

3. Drive slow and check the depth

Driving on wet surface at speed could cause the car to skid easily, which is when the wheels lose their traction and the driver loses control of the car. Therefore, you should slow down your car to 20 – 30 kmph before entering the flood area. Also, keep your car revving to avoid water being sucked back into the exhaust.

When you are driving alone on a flood area and there is no other passing cars, slow down and pay attention to anything that could indicate the water level, be it the traffic light, road bumps or trees. If there is none of them, make a u-turn and escape the area.

4. Avoid parking near to hill or underground parking

During flood season, you should avoid parking your car near to hill because it is prone to landslide damage. Make your way to higher part of the road. Most roads are designed to let the water drain off the sides, which makes part of the road are being built lower, avoid parking on that stretch of road.

Also, underground parking is a big no-no, once your car is stranded in the underground parking bays, do not attempt to retrieve your car because you will put your life in risk.

5. Dry your brakes to avoid skidding

It is important to remember that your brakes will be wet and you need to dry them in order for them to work properly. Once getting off from flood area, drive slowly and regularly apply the brakes lightly to heat them up and help the water to evaporate.

We hope the above tips could help you and your car to stay safe during the flood season. If your car stops in the flood, you should climb out and lock the doors before escaping to dry land. It is always a wise choice to leave your stranded car behind for your personal safety.


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