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Car Buying Guide: Black Car or White Car? ( 2017-11-15 )

Choosing the right color for your new car is often a head scratching question, we are commonly asked what color is the best paint color. Most people choose a car color based on emotion with no logical reasoning behind. Therefore, we are here to put some sense to your car color option. We put together some of the pros and cons of buying white car and black car to help you decide which color to choose for your next purchase of new car.

Black Car

Black is the sophisticate color that you would find yourself being drawn to. Also, black is a color of power, often known as important, classic and being in control just like the black limousines.


+ Looks good

Not many people can deny the attraction of a freshly cleaned black car, so shiny that you can even see your reflection out of it. However, one needs to take extra care for black car because a dirty black car is least appealing, especially when there are millions of finger marks being imprinted onto it.


- Obvious scratch marks

A scratch on a black car can only means one thing, pain like a paper cut. While many send their cars for car washes, it is inevitable that rocks and sand will chip and scratch your beloved car and they will show every blemish. Also, you need to avoid the car wash spinner and wash the car by hands only in order to avoid such tragedy.

- Hottest color


Black are not just hot, they are really HOT. You really need to think twice when it comes to purchase a black car especially in hot weather in Malaysia. Black cars absorb heat easier and emit them slower as compared to silver or white cars. 

White car

White color paint seems to be the easiest to take care of. Yes indeed but in the right way. If you are driving a white car, you like to present a fresh, young, modern face to the outside world. Many of which are drawn to white car just like the contemporary brand, Apple white iPhone for the same reason.


+ Less heat absorbed

White color is the most forgiving color when it comes to heat and temperature factors. Dark colors (black) tend to heat up more than light colors (white).

+ Popular color

More and more car buyers opt for white color car because it is popular. It is also a contributing factor for car resale value. White cars tend to hold much higher resale value compared to cars with other colors.


- Prone to dirt easily

White car is like a clean sheet of paper, it is prone to dirt and grime easily. If you want your car to stay shiny as always, make sure you budget for frequent car washes and car polish before you plan to get one.

In conclusion, picking a white and black car is like looking at both ends of the extremes, why not picking a middle ground and go for silver color instead? Silver car does not get as dirty as the white car, and will not get as hot as the black car. Neutral color are friendly to scratch marks, dust layers are not visible so you do not have to always send your car to car wash just to make it look ‘brand new’.

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