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BMW Confirm Names For Next Generation Electric Cars With I and IX Badging ( 2017-12-07 )

BMW recently trademarked a long list of names for its future electric SUVs and although a trademarked name isn’t always used, BMW has just confirmed that one will in fact be used for the electric X3. The electric X3 will arrive in 2020 with an iX3 badge.

“In 2020 we will launch the fully electric X3. In it, X and i come together,” BMW CEO Harald Krueger revealed to Automotive News Europe. Krueger did not give any other details about what other future models we can expect.

Another priority is electrification. The iNext will employ new-generation lithium-ion batteries, which will enable an enhanced range between 600 and 700km (372 and 434 miles). The engineers have created scalable battery cells, where greater quantities can be packed into high performance or bigger vehicles, side-by-side like a packet of Custard Cream biscuits. A base vehicle gets a 60kWh battery stack (for around 280 miles of range), 90kWh enables a 342-mile range for middle distance runners, while top spec vehicles such as the iNext package the 120kWh stack.

BMW in the midst of the biggest new model offensive in its history: it is launching more than 40 new models over the period 2017-18. The company has registered iX1 to iX9, meaning the company’s next i electric car, a crossover with advanced autonomy coming 2021, could potentially be badged iX5 or iX6. Executives currently refer to it as the iNext. In addition to the iX names, BMW has also trademarked the names i1 to i9. As of right now only the i3 and i8 names are being used, but an i9 flagship is expected as well as an i5. (SOURCE: CAR MAGAZINE)

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