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Servicing or maintenance of the car is often regards as the second largest expense (after fuel costs) that you’ll have to cover after the actual purchasing of the vehicle. It is therefore important to know the approaches you shall take in order to minimize this expense without compromising the good working condition of your car. Here are few basic tips that will help to cut down the maintenance costs and save you money.

1. Perform Regular Maintenance On Designated Service Intervals

While this may seem counter-intuitive to saving money, keeping up with the maintenance schedule as suggested by your car’s manufacturer is in fact important to ensure your car is always at its ideal working condition and reduce the risk of sudden breakdowns of cars or its parts which cost you a bomb for repair. Delaying the service will increase the rates of wear and tear on the parts, thus accelerating the replacement or repair cycle. So next time, make sure you service your cars based on the recommended intervals suggested by service centres or workshops.

2. Research And Go With The Trusted Workshops

Though going to the authorized service centres will give you the complete peace of mind that your car will be well serviced, it also comes with higher bill. Do some research on all the workshops in your area, or simply ask a few friends for their recommendation of the workshops that provides quality service at reasonable price. Make sure you compare few offers and make sure that the workshop you chosen use the original parts (also known as “Original Equipment Manufacturer” parts), and not the lower-quality parts.

3. Buy Car Parts Yourself

Know upfront what will be needed for your maintenance work and buy them yourself from the genuine parts shop. Ask your mechanic for the details of all parts that is required for your service. While you can opt this done by the workshop, but eliminating the middleman will help to save you from the intermediary costs, thus lowering the overall maintenance bills.

4. Use Genuine Parts

One of your car part is fully-worn and need for replacement, your serviceman suggests you the “imitation part” that cost half the price of the original genuine part. While it may seem cheaper to opt for the non-genuine part, however, you should always consider the life expectancy of this part against the original. Using the low-quality parts usually wear out faster and cause you to replace it again sooner that will result in greater costs due to the added installation and labour charge involved. The use of non-genuine parts will also likely to cause degraded performance of the car, and the mechanical parts that collaborate with it may get further burdened and eventually damaged.

5. Smooth And Smart Driving

Driving your car like a Formula 1 is going to make your car parts suffer more, resulting in premature wear and even failure. Avoid the acts of high-speed driving, dynamic cornering or drift, constant breaking, sudden acceleration and swift gear changes that going to take toll on your parts faster. Drive in smooth and civilized manner; avoid hard or constant braking to save on your brake pads.

6. Rotate Tyres

Front tyres have a much higher wear rate than rear tyres, so rotating them will help both sets wear evenly. You can just ask the service workshops to help you rotate the tyres during your service intervals. You will have to change the tyres sooner if you do not rotate them, with the rear set being relatively still good and usable.

It is important to ensure your car is being serviced regularly to ensure the road worthiness of your car and to avoid sudden breakdown, which will cost you more on repair and the inconvenience caused to the rest of other road users.

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