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Hybrid or Turbocharge? ( 2016-10-21 )

The growth of new technology in automobile industry have brought numerous benefits to the consumers. As the price of fossil fuel continue to rise, every driver is looking for the best car to drive. Car makers are improving their existing cars and launching new models to meet the industry demand and to appeal consumers who continuously seeking for fuel efficiency, low emissions and high tech features ride.

Hybrid VS Turbocharge

All of us are familiar with the ‘Hybrid’ term. However, there is a misperception of hybrid car is an electric car. Hybrid refers to a gasoline driven machine that utilizes the electric mechanism to collect and reuse energy that normally goes to waste in standard cars. Common Hybrid car like Toyota Prius is the first Hybrid car to be introduced into Malaysia market. With tax exemption for hybrid and electric cars at that time, Prius was one of the hot picks for the consumers in Malaysia for its affordability and efficient fuel consumption.

Then, various modern car makers come up with stock turbocharge cars. Stock turbo charge cars has a long history in American car industry but it is a new trend for Malaysia automobile environment. Turbocharge means the internal combustion engines will rely on a steady supply of air in order to ignite fuel. As there are more air molecules that can be squeezed into the cylinders, the resulting explosion will be larger too. Proton Suprima S is the first turbocharge car produced by local car makers and it is packed with 1.6-liter engine. The trend goes on with more and more car makers producing hatchbacks sedan, family cars and SUVs packed with stock turbo charged engine to appeal local market demands.

Fuel Efficiency

In term of fuel efficiency, hybrid is capitalizing the electric motor energy efficiency to improve fuel economy. It is generally more environmental friendly and it runs cleaner and more mileage. Hybrid cars that run twin powered engine with the combination of fuel and electric motor further reduce fuel consumption. The battery that built in Hybrid cars are generally lighter and more energy dense. Some car makers even offer 5 to 8 years of emission warranty.

Hybrid would appeal to city drivers who drive on a consistent low speed. Driving on open highway at high speed, Hybrid engine acts the same as fuel engine as its electrical motor only kicks in during low speed cruising. Hybrid with stop start system are commonly found whereby the engine shuts down and restarts the internal combustion engine to reduce the amount of time the engine spent idling. It would suit the city drivers who are always drive on a congested road.

As it goes with the name ‘TURBO’, turbocharge engine is able to produce more power out of a smaller displacement engine. The injection of air into the engine increases the strength of combustion which result to a faster and efficient speeding. Turbocharge engine has the advantage of powerful small engines which can create greater torque at low speed. Turbo engine reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. The smaller engine (range from 1.0 Litre to 1.6 Litre) could help to reduce fuel consumption by 2% to 6% as compared with fuel engine vehicles.

In comparison, Hybrid is more fuel efficient for low speed driving while turbocharge engine is equally conducive in fuel consumption. However, when it comes to speed segment, turbocharge would be a better choice.

In term of pleasure, both turbocharge and hybrid come stock with auto transmission. Some might argue that driving a manual car makes you a ‘real man’, however, you wouldn’t want to get your feet cramped on the clutch paddle when you encounter traffic jam.

Picking a car with the best deal and the best price are crucial. Both hybrid and turbocharge cars are practical as most car makers are fitting both engine type into entry level sedan and hatchback. Hybrid or turbocharge come around RM130,000 in Malaysia market and you have variety of model to choose from. However, even though buying a car is affordable, the maintenance and repair cost for both engines are slightly costly. Well, as one that drives a fuel engine vehicle would say driving fuel engine car is expensive too, so it really dive down to one driving habits. Given that turbocharge is having a smaller engine capacity but powerful performance, the attractive driving pleasure would be a great option for those who are looking for fancy outlooks and well performed vehicles. In this range, Honda Civic or Peugeot 308 would a great pick.

Hybrid engine gives you a quiet ride and environmental friendly fuel emission. If you want to get the most out of your gas tank especially with the fuel price hike, hybrid would be a better choice. On a slightly higher cost, Toyota Camry Hybrid would be a great choice. With MyCarsearch, you can always find the best deal for Hybrid and Turbocharge model with the best service provided.

In conclusion, along with the mass production of fuel engine cars in the market, it would take some time for the general public to accept hybrid and turbocharge cars. However, hybrid cars are slowly picking up its sales in the market due to more marketing knowledge are poured onto their advertisement. Turbocharge cars are comparatively new and not when it comes as stock. Various car makers are adding Turbo or Boost variant into their range of model, providing the consumer an alternative to choose from. However, hybrid and turbocharge cars will be our day to day automobile in the future. It is best to adapt the new technology from now on as there is always no harm getting our hands onto more efficient and environmental friendly goods.

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