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Best-selling Cars in 2015 ( 2016-01-15 )

2015 was a year for buyers in general as we see slew of new model launches and the substantial discounts from car manufacturers in the fight for market share. In the pool of over 200 models available to the buyers, wonder which car model sells the best in 2015?

Here’s MyCarsearch list of best-selling models in 2015:

1. HONDA City


3. PROTON Iriz


5. NISSAN Almera


7. NISSAN X-Trail


9. TOYOTA Vios

10. PROTON Saga

HONDA City topped our list as people’s favourite due to its attractive pricing (in the range of RM70 - 90K), improved exterior and increased cabin size compared to its predecessors.

Followed closely are the 3 national makes, PERODUA Myvi, PROTON Iriz and PERODUA Axia that were launched in between 4Q’ 2014 and 1Q’ 2015. The introduction of GST and generally worsening economy environment has seen people down trading and opted for smaller cars that can fulfil their daily commuting needs.

NISSAN has 2 models in our list, Almera on the 5th spot and X-Trail on the 7th. Almera continues to be the most affordable B-segment choice in the non-national segment. X-Trail, dubbed the “mini Murano” is our best-selling SUV of the year.

Sandwiched in between is the HONDA HR-V on the 6th place. Mazda CX-5, another SUV came in on the 8th place. The TOYOTA Vios and PROTON Saga FLX completes the No.9 and 10 place of our list.

Overall, Segment-B of 1,500cc and under continues to be favoured by our fellow Malaysians. However, we also noticed some significant shift to the SUV-segment which serves the urban driving as well as comfortable leisure drive. We expect more model launches to be targeted at the SUV-segment in 2016 as we see the shift gradually happening.

Is your car model come in our top 10?

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