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Pay Summon or NAH ( 2016-11-11 )

Summon is a great distress for every driver. Your day could not get any worse than getting a traffic summon. However, traffic summon is crucial as it acts as law enforcement to punish road user who violates traffic laws. Traffic police act as peacemaker to sustain optimum road condition for day to day driving. Here are some facts you need to know when the traffic police giving you traffic summon ticket.

How much does it cost?

Traffic Summon in Malaysia are usually cost around RM100 to RM300. As the compound amount will not be increased for late payment, some traffic offenders choose to wait until the seasonal discount period to clear off their compounds. Most Malaysians are not aware of how much their offences will cost them. Following table is the list of common offences done by road users. 

(Source: JPJ Malaysia)

The above compound rate is based on the payment within 16 days to 30 days. Early payment will receive compound reduction and any late payment will be charged more. Please take note when you are letting your friend to drive your car. JPJ will be giving out 2 summonses on the offences that were done to the driver and the owner.

How to check summon?

You can now check your summon just right on your mobile devices. There are 6 ways to check your traffic summon online.

1)     Check PDRM summon via SMS

a.      Type in  [POLIS SAMAN Vehicle's Plat Number], then SMS to 32728

Example: POLIS SAMAN WWW1234, SMS to 32728

b.     Type in [POLIS SAMAN Vehicle's Plat Number], then SMS to 15888

Example: POLIS SAMAN WWW1234, SMS to 15888

c.     Type in [ POLIS SAMAN IC Number], then SMS to 32728

Example: POLIS SAMAN 801201035126, SMS to 32728

2)      Check online PDRM summon through Portal PDRM

3)     Check online JPJ summon through Portal JPJ

4)     Check JPJ summon via Apps

a.     iPhone

       b.     Android

5)     Check summon via third party applications, MYEG and RILEK.COM

a.     MYEG

      b.     RILEK.COM


In order to renew road tax, ensure PDRM clear the computer block on your vehicle before going to Post Office for road tax renewal. Keep the receipt of your payment and make sure your vehicle is not blacklisted by JPJ.

Common Terminology

Summon POL 257
This summon is given on the spot to the offenders by JPJ, the offenders have to sign on the summon.

Notice POL 170A
Notice that was given out to the speed trap offenders. The offenders are not stopped by the authority on the spot. Eg: Speed trap by LSD (Laser Speed Detector) and Speed trap by RLC (Red Light Camera).

Notice POL 171
Notice that stated offered compound. Offenders are given certain date period to clear off the compound. If refused, offenders will be sued on court.

Bring to court
The court has the full power over the punishment on the offenders. The attendance of the offenders is compulsory and failure to attend will be issued arrest warrant.

Offenders of POL 257 and POL 170A will be blacklisted by PDRM and JPJ once they failed to pay off their compound.

How to uplift blacklisting?

When an offender failed to pay off the compound given by JPJ and PDRM, they will be blacklisted. Thus, offenders are not allowed to renew license nor road tax. In order to avoid being blacklisted, offenders are required to pay off the summons before a given period stated on the received notice. Uplifting from blacklist is possible when the offender appeal to court and pay off the summons. Usually the reduction period is around 6 months given by the government and any late payer will not be getting any discount.

Many road users are oblivious with their summon status not until when one failed to renew their road tax and realized they have outstanding compound.  It is advisable that road user needs to be aware of summon status simply by checking it online once in 3 months. All in all, the best way not to pay summon is to not break any traffic rules.


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