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MyCarsearch Review : Nissan X-Trail 2.0 ( 2017-01-09 )

It was always a wishful thinking for the young working adults to go on a short road trip, and so my friend and I went on the road for a New Year’s Eve celebration. We packed clothes and necessities in a backpack and began our journey. The ride for this journey was the 2016 Nissan X-Trail. It was the first time I got my hands on this beast; I totally had no idea what this SUV had in store for us. However our goal was to discover the West Coast of Semenanjung Malaysia within 3 days to unleash the true ability of the Nissan X-trail.


I was pretty excited to review this car, not because it was a job to me, but I had wanted to test drive this beast. The X-Trail is no longer a new name on the road, there were plenty of its predecessor can be found on the road. The new X-Trail had step up the design language, challenging the idea that SUV was boxy and conservatives. The new X-Trail is now curvy and sophisticated. The front is built with boomerang shaped LED daytime running lights and the inverted triangle chrome-finished grille gives the X-Trail a modern stylish look.

The drive along the North South Highway was a pleasant ride with Nissan X-Trail. I departed from my home in Kepong and picked my friend from Subang. Thus, our road trip began. We went up north to Ipoh. Nissan latest Xtronic CVT gearbox is smooth and produces great power. The 2.0 engine is sufficient to move the seven-seater SUV around without any fuss, and there is no sign of under power in the X-Trail. The X-trail features a 5+2 seating configuration. However, Nissan does not compromise the third row passenger safety with its installed three-point seat belts. Although we filled the boot with our backpacks, camping gears, a skateboard, and camera equipment, there were still much space left. Plus, with the third row folded down, there were up to 550 litres boot space to play with.  X-Trail rear seat were able to lay flat on the ground which creates up to 1520 litres, feel free to utilise the flat cargo floor to fit in bigger items.

Along our journey, the X-Trail never failed to impress us as I drove through tarmac highways, wet-surfaced tarmac from the rain, and sandy and rocky roads. The new model X-trail focuses on road performance and its higher ground clearance is able to help this SUV tackle steep slopes. Equipped with Hill Start Assist and Active Chassis Control, the jumpy feeling while driving on the bumpy road is moderately reduced. Chassis Control system aided in maneuvering the ride, further reduced understeer while going through corners. I was particularly impressed with this new technology, the wheel firmly gripped onto the ground and showed no sign of skidding when driving on rainy tarmac along North South Highway.

We enjoyed great music during the journey by simply plugging our favorite tunes into the infotainment system that comes with USB connectivity—we never missed a beat and rhythm with the 6 speakers that blasted our favourite tunes. The 5-inch infotainment display is functional and practical. Meanwhile, X-Trail is equipped with four cameras (Front, Back and Both left and right) to assist all the drivers to park with ease. As with most SUV, the chunky body can be hard to drive into tight parking spot, but through the bird’s-eye view, I could check for obstructions around the vehicle and it made parking much easier. The image processing unit is able to convert the image into virtual bird-eye top view image as if there was a camera seen from directly above the X-Trail.

After driving X-Trail for 3 days from KL to Penang then to Kedah and back, I can say that the X-Trail is a perfect car for you and your family. It might not be the most exciting SUV to drive, but X-Trail makes it up with plenty of safety features. The X-Trail elevates itself as one of the tough competitors to other carmakers like Mazda and Honda. It is recommended to go for 2.5L for 4WD variant to enjoy extreme driving pleasure and off road handling.

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