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5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing the Right Tint ( 2017-01-18 )

Malaysian are often being oblivious about how sun rays could cause various sun poisoning to the skin. This is due to geographical positioning of Malaysia at the equator and we adapt to hot weather easily. According to global survey done by Ford, in year 2016, Malaysian spent more time in traffic gridlock than a year ago. Proper sun block has to be done to avoid direct sunlight exposition. However, choosing a suitable tint can be as frustrating as choosing a car . Thus, MyCarsearch is here to tell you what you should consider when picking the right tint for your car.

A suitable window tint could add personality and protection to your car, the tint could also perform as an isolator from the hot sun and maintain privacy. To get to know about car window tint, let’s learn the basic terminology.

Terminology about Tint

Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) is the amount of visible light passing through the glass. The lower VLT, the lesser light enters the car.

Infrared Rejection (IRR) is the infrared heat which is being absorbed by the interior materials and skin.  The higher the IRR, the more heat is rejected.

Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) is the combined energy rejection from the visible light, infrared and ultraviolet. The higher TSER, the more heat is being rejected from entering the cars. In addition, a darker film gives better TSER reading than  lighter film.

Ultraviolet rejection (UVR) is the percentage of total ultraviolet ray rejected from entering the car. The higher UVR, the better ultraviolet ray protection.


1. How long will it last?

Window tint will not last forever. Lower quality dyed tint will begin to fade within a year when it is exposed to intense sunlight. Hybrid film uses combination of dyed layer and metalized layer will last 4 or 5 years. Ceramic film will last 10 years due to its capability of high heat absorption, it is highly durable and provide excellent clarity. Bubbling and color shifting are common problems to lower quality tint and replacement is required. Hence, choose a better quality tint at the first place. You will get what you pay.

2. Does my tint get warranty?

The warranty period of car tint varies with the window film. Most tint comes with at least 1 year warranty with 1 free treatment including touch up and removal of bubble (due to external factors).

3. Which tint is the best for me?

Familiarize and equip yourself with tint knowledge. Sun radiation inclusive of 3 main components which are infrared, visible light and ultraviolet rays. Infrared releases heat that will increase the car temperature; visible light refers to amount of light being reflected, and ultraviolet causes materials to fade in color and inflicting skin cancer. In this case, windows tint that has lower IRR, lower TSER, and lower UVR with right amount of VLT should be your pick for your car.

4. Is my tint legal?

Malaysia tint regulation has been reinforced since 2014. The updates call for a minimum of 70% VLT (Visible Light Transmission) for the front windscreen, 50% for the front side windows and 30% for rear side windows and rear screen. Any illegal tint will open to risk of being fined up to RM2,000 or six month jail period.

5. How to maintain car window tint?

Bear in mind. Wait, Wipe and Repeat


After the window tint is being installed, wait for a few days (5 to 7 days) before winding down the window to let the tint fully attached onto the mirror under sunlight.


Wipe the window with ammonia free cleaner. Use clean cloth or paper towel to avoid scratching the car tint.


Repeat the same wiping method to all car windows and make sure the interior windows are being taken care of too. Make sure to wipe off the water droplets to avoid dust residue.

If the windows are very dirty, mix some dishwashing detergent into warm water to clean off the dirt and residue.


In a nutshell, research is vital, then comes to price and quality comparison. It is advisable to seek for professional helps as they are more knowledgeable in the industry. However, you are reserved with the right to make the final decision. With all things above considered, you are up and ready for an enjoyable and comfortable ride.

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