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MyCarsearch Double Deal ( 2017-01-25 )

In the Chinese tradition, even numbers are often associated with good luck. To the Chinese way of thought, the number '2' suggests harmonious existence and reproduction of good things such as happiness, joy, and luck. Chinese often present gifts in pair, such as mandarin oranges, Ang Pow and even decoratives. At such, there is a Chinese saying: “Good things come in pairs”. 

In conjunction with MyCarsearch Chinese New Year Double Deal, we want you to enjoy additional discounts when you purchase a car along with your family and friends. We are giving away minimum RM200 additional discount in return for your support. To double the happiness, we are giving free gifts worth RM600 with the double deal purchase. More discount, more free gift and more happiness with MyCarsearch.

Terms & Conditions:

* Promotion valid until 28 February 2017 

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