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Fuel Save Tips: Cepat tapi Jimat ( 2017-02-06 )

Starting on 1st February 2017, the diesel price increases 10 cent to RM2.15 per litre, while RON95 will increase 20 cent to RM2.30 and RON97 is now RM2.60 per litre. The government explained the reason behind the price hike is due to the price of refined oil products had increased. Thus, the innocent citizen had to bear with the price hike without any substitution plan from the government.  

Are you still feeling the pain due to 20 cent petrol price hike? In this desperate moment, MyCarsearch is here to give you some fuel saving tips on how to spend less but get more in return.


1. Small yet fast

Having a small car could be beneficial for many reasons. Many car makers started off their journey of success by making small car because budget is always the main car buying factors. Small car could ease you in getting into tight parking spots. Small car is comparatively cheaper and practical. Small car is more fuel economical than sedan. A smaller car has lighter weight, there will be less tax and less fuel consumption. The newly launched Perodua Axia Facelift with new 1.0Litre VVT-I engine is believe to drive 22.5KM per litre fuel (Manual transmission) and 21.6KM per litre fuel (Auto Transmission). This small sedan is being built for day to day city driving, its EEV engine is lightweight and compact to improve fuel consumption. With that, light weight car has faster pick up, be it taking off from the traffic light or picking up speed in a freeway.

2. Plan ahead for the journey.

Getting lost on the road is annoying, what’s worse is getting lost when you are in a rush. Therefore, plan ahead for the journey. Get to know the location first before taking off, do not merely rely on the Google map. You can have a glimpse of the surrounding of your destination by checking on Google Street View and pay attention of the nearby landmarks. You would not want to drive up to a no exit freeway and ended up over spend your fuel budget on a wasted journey. Next, you can start your journey early and avoiding bad traffic. Malaysian has this habit of being late, as their ‘instinct’ will always tell them that they will be on time. The fact is the city traffic is unpredictable, so always start ahead before everyone does. Stopping and Starting a car burn more fuel while coasting on a highway maintaining zero acceleration save the most fuel.

3. Don’t be a lead foot, go easy on the paddle.

The harder you accelerate, the more fuel is wasted, bear in mind to press the paddle gently. Practice fuel efficient driving techniques by keeping the car speed steady. Finding the right balance of consistent speed and avoid hard braking. Driving on the road is not a race, taking off from idle will takes some time, an optimal fuel efficient driving takes about 3 to 5 seconds to accelerate your vehicle before reaching your desire speed. Slow down when driving into small narrow roads and stay alert for the speed bumps, slowing down could save you from speeding tickets and insurance costs.


4. EEV certified

According to The Malaysian Automotive Institute (MAI), EEV is defined as vehicle that meet a defined specification of carbon emission level and fuel consumption. EEV covers a wide spectrum of car technologies, petrol, diesel, hybrid, EVs, Hydrogen and Fuel cell vehicles. Perodua Axia is the country first EEV, the technology that bring efficiency, convenience and greater driving experience. Perodua Bezza was the second EEV, it comes with Eco Idle system that will stops the engine automatically when the car is idle and restarts when releasing the brake. Likewise the Hybrid car incentives, EEV is subject to receive incentives which possible tax reductions. This is to attract more foreign car makers to invest on EEV making with better fuel consumption and low carbon emission. Read this article to know more about EEV and its benefits.

With that, if you have more tips and tricks on how to save fuel, feel free to share with us.

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