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2016 Malaysia Vehicle Sales Report: 2016 was BAD, 2017 could be BETTER? ( 2017-02-02 )

The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) has released the sales statistic for 2016. The results shows that there is a huge drop of car sales compared to 2015. 2016 car sales record hit 513,545 units, significantly reduction of 13% or 86,551 units from 2015. According to The Star News, it was reported that MAA president Datuk Aishah Ahmad said in the light of the volatility in the global economy and weaker consumer sentiment, demand for new vehicles was affected in the first half of this year.

Photo Credit: Motor Trade

The drop was caused by few factors, mainly because of economy downturn, depreciation of Ringgit, the demanding usage of Uber and Grab Car taxi, as well as continuation of stringent approval of hire purchase loan. 2016 has been a difficult year for the carmakers. However, some car makers are still able to sustain its growth and perform well in the market shares.

Perodua top the chart with 207,110 units sold, even with a slight drop 6,197 units as compared to last year, Perodua still top the chart with 35.7% overall market share. Perodua hot selling model Axia, Myvi and the newly launch Bezza increases the overall sales performance.

Secondly, Honda hit the mark of selling 91,830 units and rank second on the chart. Even though there is a slight drop of 3,072 units as compared to the year before, Honda increases the market share from 14.2% to 15.8%.

Thirdly, our national car brand Proton has fall from the second rank to third losing to Honda. Proton sales had plunged from 102,174 units to 72,290 units, with a drop of 29,884 units. Even with the launch of 4 new models (Saga, Persona, Perdana and Ertiga), Proton is incapable to win back the heart of car buyers like they did before. Thus, Proton market share has fallen from 15.3% to 12.5%.

Following on the fourth place is Toyota, one of the household brand for Malaysian. Toyota sales has dropped from 93,760 units to 63,757 units, a massive drop of 30,003 units which register the brand for top ‘loser’ of the chart. Nissan comes after Toyota, placing fifth place, registering sales of 40,706 units, a slight fall of 6,529 units. Nissan retain its market share at 7%. Following by Isuzu, well known commercial vehicle brand, registering sales of 12,818, a total raise of 163 units from the year before. Isuzu also successfully made a significant market share of 2.2% and top the commercial vehicle chart. Mazda place at seventh place with sales fallen from 14,325 units to 12,493 unites, however maintaining its market share of 2.2%. For more information, refer to tabulated statistic below.


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