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Take a Peek on Honda WR-V ( 2017-02-08 )

We have heard about Honda new crossover based on the current Jazz platform. The Honda WR-V is unveiled in Brazil Sao Paolo Motor Show in late 2016. Likewise all Honda BR-V, WR-V stands for Winsome Runabout Vehicle. This is Honda third SUV that released in such a short period of time. Prior to the launch of BR-V, Honda seems to prepare themselves to enter the market of compact crossover. As the WR-V is expected to launch in India first. The vehicle is undergoing some test before mass production. Let’s take a peek on the design of the latest WR-V.

In term of Honda WR-V design, the crossover is a raised version of Jazz, featuring a sporty and sophisticated curvy design. WR-V adopted some of the SUV features, the crossover comes with high ground clearance, larger alloy wheels, roof rails and newer designed front grille. From the front, WR-V is looking similar like BR-V, the large surface front grille and chrome bar connecting both headlamps. With that, WR-V front looks fairly aggressive yet stylish. Moreover, Honda has done a great job on the detailing of the ride, WR-V is spotted with robust sporty skirting and boomerang shaped rear lamps to highlight its sporty characteristic.

Prior to its initial revelation in Brazil, WR-V is developed to satisfy the local customer need in South America. WR-V is powered by a 1.5 itre I-VTEC Flex One Engine and paired with Earth Dreams CVT, it is able to generate 115hp at 6,000rpm and 149Nm at 4,800rpm. On the other hand, WR-V that is going to market in India will comes with 1.2 litre i-VTEC petrol engine, producing 88.8 bhp at 6,000rpm and 109Nm at 4,500rpm. Moreover, WR-V will come with a few gearbox option, and likely to have only 5 speed auto transmission available in Malaysia market.

Photo Credit : CarBlogIndia

Inside the WR-V, the cabin is similar with Jazz and City, the dashboard is garnished with chrome bars, center console features a touch screen infotainment system. However, touch-panel air conditioning control is absent on the WR-V. Likewise all the predecessor, WR-V dashboard is looking fairly ‘traditional’ unlike the new Toyota CH-R.

With more and more carmakers are producing compact crossover, Will Honda bound to succeed or failure? After taking a peek to the new Honda WR-V, is this the crossover that you would pick? It is Honda great innovative idea to improvise Jazz platform and turn it into compact crossover. Due to mass demand, buyer’s preference towards crossover had largely increased, and it is a great strategy to venture into the crossover market instead of merely focusing on the sedan. Before the arrival of Honda WR-V, we have Honda BR-V available, BR-V recently launched not long ago and available in your nearest Honda showroom. Check on the latest review for Honda BR-V to find out more about this intuitive seven seater SUV. 


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