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Vehicle Sales Report January 2017 by Brand : More Red than Green ( 2017-02-24 )

It seems like the Malaysia automobile industry is not looking up on January 2017. There is a significant drop of 31% in term of sales volume. The total amount of car sold on January 2017 has fall from 64,822 units (December 2016) to 44,556 units. Let’s see which car brand has made it to the top and who falls?

Perodua is leading the market with 14,203 units sold, a total drop of 10,422 units compare to last year. Honda comes second with total 8,594 units sold, a fall of 2,867 units as compare to December 2016. Proton registered 7,207 units sold, only suffered a slight fall of 16 units. Toyota also suffer 1,536 units drop in sales, with 5,811 units sold on January. Overall, most significant foreign car brand is suffering drop in sales, below is the tabulated data of vehicle sales data for January 2017.

Next, let’s move our attention to the gainers. Premium brands Mercedes witness a rise in total sales, registering 928 units as compared to 887 units last year December. Follow by Mazda, register 804 units, approximately 200 units increase in sales. Hyundai with their new launch Ioniq contributed total sales of 582 units. While Volkswagen register 327 units sales, a slight increase from 207 units since December 2016. French automobile manufacturer Renault register 51 units sold, Porsche register 47 units sold.

With the continuation of aggressive sales and marketing campaigns for Chinese New Year celebration, let’s hope there are more greens in the data for February.


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