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What a Car Must Have and What are Inessential? (Malaysia Only) ( 2017-03-03 )

It is so overwhelmed to find there are so many features available in the new car these days. I still remember my dad used to own a Proton Saga in the early 90s, the car was a beast with the powerful 12-valve engine. Everything about the obsolete car was designed to optimize driver driving experience.  Along the years, there are more new advancement in convenience, infotainment and safety systems being introduced to the car industry. Some of the drivers began to question the feasibility of the technology to the practicality of driving. Click here for MyCarsearch car buying guide, you would feel at ease when getting a new car.

Must Have Features

1. Automatic Emergency Braking

AEB is needed because Malaysian driver are easily distracted for a lot of reasons, one of the most common offences are texting while driving.  Automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems detects an impending forward crash with another vehicle in time to avoid or mitigate crash.

2. Rear view camera

Rear view camera is like having an eye to watch your back. Rear view camera reduces the risk of accident when reversing your car. Rear view camera act as security check to your car surroundings to ensure you getting off your ride safely. On 2016, Transport Canada says that new cars mandatory to be equipped with rear view camera by 2018. As of Malaysia, we are hoping to hear this news soon.

3. Comfortable seat with lumbar support

Car seats can either makes your journey a heaven ride or a hell ride. Lumbar support seat is able to reduce back pain and decrease driver fatigue and in turn improve hip and neck comfort. To improve driver comfort, car makers include the ability to adjust car seats in many ways to ensure driver is in the perfect position. Note that test drive is free of charge, you can head to the car showroom to access to the car seat as much as you can before purchase.

4. Dash Camera

Dash camera serve as the first hand evidence of a car accident. The camera started to record your driving condition once your car being ignited. Dash camera are able to provide real time and high quality video footages. It could also save you from insurance fraud during unfavorable situation where other drivers put blame on you.

5. Spare Tire

Most new cars choose to eliminate spare tire and in replace with inflator kits and tire sealant in order to reduce the vehicle weight and expand storage space. Even though fixing the tire with sealant require less labor work and it can be done much faster. However when one encounter rim is bent and the puncture is far more serious than expected, tire sealant is no longer effective and spare tire is the only band-aid to your ache.

6. Adaptive headlamps

Ever encounter driving across on-coming traffic with blinding headlamps, this is because drivers accidentally turn on the high beam headlamps without noticing. Adaptive headlamps able to rotate together when the car steer. It could effectively illuminate the road directly in front as well as going around corners. Adaptive headlamps able to switch between low beam and high beam automatically by detecting road conditions, further reduces the chances of night time accident.


Features to skip

1. Sun-roof

Let’s be honest, we Malaysian hardly open our windows while driving under the hot and humid weather. Even though sun-roof looks aesthetic to the overall outlook of the car, however sun roof is selective component, and most Malaysian choose to give up on that.

2. Built-in navigation

Most of the B segment car and above has a built in infortainment system that supports multimedia playbacks and navigation. Navigation is useful for… rather old generations as they are not technology savvy as the younger generations these days. Mirrorlink, Apple Carplay and Android Auto able to connect smartphone to the car monitor, one can simply utilize map applications on their smartphone and find their way out in the buzzy road conditions.

3. Cruise Control

Cruise control poses dangers that you and I may not realize, drivers tend to have less control to their vehicle and elongate their reaction time when accident happens. Drivers shows lesser attention on the road after initiated cruise control, one tend to direct their attention onto the stereo system, chat with the passengers and worse, uses their smartphones.

4. Voice Control

Have you tried speaking to Apple Siri and what was the response? There you have it.

5. Self- Parking systems

It is an autonomous car maneuvering system that moves a vehicle into a parking spot to perform parallel, perpendicular or angle parking. This system perform admirable job to identify a parking spot and automatically guiding your car into the parking slot. Who is at fault when the park assist fails and you ended up hitting the stationed car? Will the insurance able to cover claimant for damages?  Many drivers had only use it once and never use it again because it is simply inconvenient.

It is so easy to be distracted with all interesting feature a car could have, simply because we always ask more to our bargain. However, we should ask ourselves, do we really need those? 

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