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3 Reasons Why Manual Transmission is Disappearing ( 2017-03-20 )

Automatic transmission has been taking over the older manual transmission for quite some time. Seeing myself as 90s born kid, I used to see my parents driving their old Proton on sticks, and now I can no longer see that anymore. The nostalgic sound of gear shift and the car stalling when the traffic light changes can easily be one of our childhood fondest memories. Despite how we miss the sticks, it is inevitable that the popularity of Automatic transmission is going to eliminate the sticks. We are seeing scenario where more carmakers are eliminating manual transmission in their latest product line-ups, car buyer have limited options and some of the car enthusiast choose to buy a used car instead. Let’s find out what are the 5 reasons manual transmission is disappearing.

1. Technology Advancement

Human keen on seeking for convenience for their day to day lives. For some, the stick shift is simply a hassle. The introduction of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) as well as Manumatic transmission such as tiptronic has made driving so much easier. Automatic transmission have quicker shift times, more gears for better accelerations and quiet gear shift. From seeking parking spot to highway cruising, automatic gearbox is best for less experienced drivers to check those off from their checklist. In additions, turbo charged engines works perfectly with automatic transmissions to improve fuel efficiency. Paddle shifter is being invented for drivers who are still keen on manually shift gears. Automatic shift is gradually becoming the preferred option. However, there are still a group of car enthusiasts who are seeking for fun driving with sticks, unlike automatics, manual grant the total freedom for gear shift and accelerations.

2. Less demand

Since the announcement of driving license for automatic transmission are being implemented back in 2014, there are lesser demand for manual cars in the markets. One simply want a simple car that drive from point to point, they usually refuse manual transmission as it requires more skill to operate instantly stops them from purchase. Some of the car makers like Honda and Mazda has stopped making manual transmission sedan cars due to their automatic cars are better received. However, most of us have overlook the benefits of manual transmission. Manual cars are cheaper to maintain, the parts are less complex and the only items that require frequently repair is the clutch. In most cases, it is not a financial decision anymore, it is a matter of how people choose to experience their cars.

3. Pain in the A** in Heavy Traffic

Literally. Imagine shifting gear up and down for multiple times in a short stretch of road. Driving with 3 pedals is seemingly hard to handle. Manual transmission is not city driving friendly especially during the congested traffic conditions. At times, you will experience occasionally stalling at the traffic light and getting some honks from the other drivers. Otherwise, it is completely fine. Starting off on a hilly road could make your heart skip a beat, many drivers experience roll back into the traffic behind or getting their car stalled when trying to pull away from a hill. However, thanks to Hill Assist, a technology that slowly implemented into modern cars, the system prevent the car from rolling back with traction and giving the car two seconds after the brake is released to give the driver time to step on the accelerator.

Manual transmission may sounds like an old technology, but many sports car makers are making them stays. Reason being manual transmission simply bring joy to driving. With the depreciation of used car value, sticks shift cars remain as a rare find. However, manual transmission are slowly becoming a byproduct of time. Many claimed that manual transmission are no longer faster than CVT and DSG. Some car makers are phasing in CVT as the standard gearbox due to good fuel economy.

For the sake of our love to manual transmission, we hope that car makers will have equip the manual selection with premium spec, essentially providing two transmission option for the top in line variant. It is a matter of choices which transmission suit you the best, make the best decision based on your driving etiquette, purpose of getting a new car and life style consideration.

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