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Vehicle Sales Report February 2017 by Brand : Great Effort but A Slow March ( 2017-03-27 )

The numbers has proven it all, Malaysia automotive market is going slow on February. Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) released the total sales figure for February and it shows a declining 5% from January sales. A fall of total numbers from 44,667 to 42,455, a decline of total 2,212 units from January. Without further ado, let’s see how the carmakers performance for February.

Looking at the below table, most carmakers are facing declining in sales. Perodua is leading the market with 16,603 units sold, a total rise of 2,400 units (+16%) compared to the previous month. Honda comes second with 7,695 units sold, a fall of 899 units (-10.5%). Proton comes third with 6,099 units sold, a decline of 1,108 units (-15.4%).

Toyota sold 4,530 units on February, also suffer inevitable loss of 1,281 units (-42.8%) and registered as the market biggest loser for February sales volume. Nissan registered increase in sales, a total of 1,808 units sold and mark an increment of 253 units from previous month.

Volvo has been crowned as the best winner for February. Volvo has achieved remarkable increment of sales figure, a rise from 26 units to 76 units. Following by Kia, which achieved increment of approximately 24% from 303 units to 376 units sold.

In terms of premium brand. Mercedes is still leading the market with 904 units sold while Fuso is leading the commercial vehicle market with 126 units sold.

We are seeing more and more car makers aggressively organizing road shows and market strategies in order to tackle the economy downturn. It is a continuation effort to offers great discount and attractive freebies to increase sales volume. Yet, MyCarsearch has launched March Much More for 6 best-selling model, those are Honda Civic, Honda HRV, Honda City, Perodua Bezza and Axia. Enquire with MyCarsearch to find out more about how you can enjoy TRUE SAVINGS with us.

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