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MyCarsearch Review : Perodua Bezza Premium X ( 2017-03-30 )

This is the Perodua Bezza Premium X. After years of producing hatchback cars, Perodua has finally debut their first sedan, Perodua Bezza. Bezza is taken from the malay word Beza, which means ‘different’. The letters ‘ZZ’ represent the number 22, which signify Perodua 22 years in automotive business. Bezza is being rated as Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV). With the tagline ‘Beyond Compact’, Bezza strive to be sensible, functional and efficient. Here are the few of our favorite features of Perodua Bezza Premium X.


1. Push Start and Keyless Entry

Push Start ignition has becoming the trend these days. Almost no one wanted to carry their car key around these days. Perodua has answered our prayers with their first ever keyless entry sedan. Likewise other car, starting the Bezza engine is just required pressing the brake and tap on the ignition button to start the engine.

2. Powerful Engine

The Bezza Premium X comes with a 1.3 litre four cylinder Dual VVT-I engine which is originate from Toyota family. The engine is able to produce 94hp at 6,000 rpm and 121 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm. The four-speed automatic transmission is smooth to drive. The car drives comfortable through potholes. The chasis feels strong and able to minimize the bumpiness during the car rides. The Bezza has greatly improved from its predecessor Myvi, the car feels premium and mechanically well built. Although there are times where the transmission skip a beat while pressing hard on the accelerator, however Bezza immediately pick up the speed, so there are no worries overtaking on the freeway.

3. Well Accessorized

Bezza Premium X comes with audio system with USB and Bluetooth support, you can enjoy blasting your favorite Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift songs in the Bezza. For some, they would pair their smartphone via Bluetooth and listen to Celine Dion and George Michael. Whatever it is, the car did well in soundproofing, there are obviously less noise driving on the highway compared to its predecessor. You also get a 5V/2A USB charging port at the rear console and also plenty of hooks for ladies handbags. 

4. Improved Safety

Bezza Premium X comes standard with dual airbags (front passenger and driver), ABS with EBD and front parking sensor. It is pretty basic for a sedan these days. However, you can get an upgrade for Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control, Hill Start Assist on the Bezza Advanced variant just by adding a few thousands ringgit.

5. Compact but not small

Living in Malaysia, finding a parking spot requires some hustle and bustle, with that the Bezza has done a great job in keeping the car compact but not small. The Bezza has adpted the same platform as the Axia, both shares the same 2,455 mm wheelbase length. However the Bezza offers a much more gigantic bootspace, as big as 508 litres. The boot is bigger than the one we found in Toyota Vios and Proton Persona. You will find no worry placing 3 large luggage into the boot of the Bezza.

If the Perodua Bezza Premium X is your desired car, get TRUE SAVINGS with MyCarsearch. You can also check out other competitive sedan, Proton Saga and Perodua Axia.


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