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Is Foreign Car Always Better than Local Car? ( 2017-04-05 )

The question whether foreign car is always better than local car arise decades ago. 'Is our national car able to stand strong in the ever changing automobile industry?' That is a question we are going to find out. Malaysians are proud of our Proton and Perodua cars. That is a fact and it is being proven when Perodua has continuously being crowned as the best-selling car brand for years. Not to mention that Proton Saga is the longest running subcompact National car and has been produced for over 31 years. Rome was not built in a day, both national car makers have walked through a long journey to achieve great success today.

On the side notes, we are seeing more and more foreign car makers topping the sales chart. Honda is catching up and placing second on the chart. Foreign cars are known to be expensive due to excise duties and taxes. Yet, car buyers are always come to a conclusion that foreign car is always better than a local car. In this article, we are going to compare side by side between few of our favorite local cars and foreign cars and determine if our local cars are able to contend with foreign cars.

Perodua Axia Advance vs Kia Picanto

Both Perodua Axia Advance and Kia Picanto are A-segment cars with hatchback design. Axia has recently received facelift design upgrade with a new chrome grille and new headlamp design. Kia Picanto retains its compact design and functional specifications.

Based on the comparison above, Kia Picanto has better engine performance and well equipped safety features. Perodua Axia is on the winning side for it's great fuel efficiency and the latest infotainment system. In terms of fuel economy, Perodua Axia is EEV certified and able to achieve 21.6KM per litre fuel. The new facelift Axia has upgraded to leather seat, fabric door trims, 3 cup holders and 4 bottle holders. Body kit upgrade is optional for Perodua Axia and none for the Kia Picanto.

Picking between these two cars are fairly difficult if looking at the spec sheets. The Kia Picanto looks stylish with the sleek body line design. However, Perodua Axia Advance is priced at RM42,900, the overall running cost of Axia is lower than the Kia Picanto which is priced at RM61,888. Check out both Perodua Axia Advance deal to see the savings MyCarsearch could help you make.

Proton Persona Premium vs Honda City V

Proton Persona Premium is the latest Proton B-segment sedan, the Persona has instantly become a strong contender for Japanese brand Honda City. Honda City facelift is the company's latest flagship car, Honda is proud to announce that the new City has C-segment features with B-segment price tag.

Based on the comparison above, there is no clear winner in the category, both cars are proven to be stylish and functional. Honda City is sharp looking with the new designed headlamps and Civic inspired chrome grill. The Persona and City are equally well-equipped with safety features. Judging on both cars performance, the Persona 1.6 litre engine will make 0-100KM/h sprint in 10.9 seconds while the Honda City able get it done within 10.3 seconds. The difference is very minimal. However the absence of Manual Transmission selection in the City makes Persona the better option for buyers who are looking for a stick driving car.

In terms of value for money, the Persona Premium is selling at RM59,800, the City V is priced at RM92,000. Both cars with the equivalent performance, one with a stunning outlook and generous utilities, and another one is sensibly functional and easy on the budget. Which one is likely to fill the sweet spot for the mass market B-segment sedan? You will have to test drive to find out. Request for a test drive now and enjoy a true savings rebate from MyCarsearch.

Despite both foreign and local cars are highly competitive in the automotive industry, in reality, it is hard not to look past at the price concern. In addition, most foreign car makers have set up manufacturing factory in Malaysia for car assemblement, so to speak. Most foreign cars are actually being produced locally. It is the matter of whether Malaysian have faith in our national brands or choose to worship foreign brands. So the next time you purchase a new car, give our national car a chance to impress you, you might find surprises await you.

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