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The Pros and Cons of Keyless Ignition ( 2017-04-27 )

Who needs a key when you can go for keyless entry? In the modern days, many car makers are progressively eliminating the usage of keyed ignition technology because it is slowly becoming obsolete. The fact that car key is a traditional physical key that goes into the car ignition and turn to ignite the engine. Instead, the keyless ignition technology is replacing the physical key with an easy carry transmitter fob. One can lock and unlock the doors or hatches and even ignite the engine remotely without reaching to the vehicle. However, with great power comes great responsibility, the keyed ignition technology has been around since car ever invented. It is a question of the feasibility of keyless ignition able to work as good as the physical key. Here, we have 3 pros and cons of keyless ignition.


  1. Convenience

Going keyless brings the most convenience to car users. Imagine now you no longer need to fumble your bag to find your key, nor get caught in the sticky situation where you accidentally lost the car key. Keeping the transmitter fob in your pocket and you are good to go. With keyless ignition, it only requires just a tap on the ignition button, the vehicle will be powered up. It also makes it harder to steal a car, once the vehicle detected the absence of transmitter fob, the car will signal a warning alert and slowly cutting off the power.

  1. Protection

Car makers had made it mandatory to allow the keyless entry for driver and passenger doors only. It is to make sure no one is able to sneak into the car once the doors are unlocked. Imagine in a situation whereby you noticed that you have been followed, getting into your car as fast as possible is the way to avoid confrontation. Keyless entry is able to aid one to get into the car with the least time being consumed and drive away safely. In addition, the keyless ignition also have an additional failsafe feature which guarantees that it cannot be picked or hotwired, which means there is no simple way to hijack the vehicle.

  1. Multi-functionality

Premium car makers have added in an additional function to improve the overall usability of the key fob. Drivers is now able to monitor and control the vehicle status via smartphone. BMW launches an intelligent key fob which features a LCD screen. The display provides information on the fuel level, battery electric range, pre-condition the vehicle as well as checking whether are the doors and windows closed upon leaving the vehicle at the parking lot. However it will be taking some time for a car makers to adopt the technology due to the high budget, it is matter of time that the new innovation can be assorted to usability.



  1. Expensive

The BMW new key fob is totally a dream toy for everyone, be it men or women. Did I mention that the key fob is only available on the BMW flagship vehicle like the 7 series and i8 which cost you a fortune? The replacement for the key fob is rather expensive compared to the conventional key. Likewise all gadget, it stops working after some time, one needs to go back to the dealership or service center to request for a replacement. Getting a key fob replacement in a long run will be costly, especially for anyone who is often absent minded. Most key fob contain a pair of keys in case of emergency that would save the day once the key fob stops working during inconvenient hours.

  1. No way to duplicate

Each and every key fob is specific, which makes it no easy way to duplicate the key unless getting a duplicate from the dealership. One can argue that the key fob is more secure compared to the physical key, it is undeniably true. However, with the absence of physical key, the key fob looks rather compact and almost too easy to mislay.

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