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Vehicle Sales Report March 2017 by Brand : Things Are Finally Looking Up ( 2017-04-28 )

We received the vehicle sales data released by Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) for March, the figures indicates that things are finally looking up for majority car brands. The total vehicle sales is up from 42,455 to 53,717, register a total increment of 11,262 units from February.

On top of the chart, Perodua mark 19,459 units sold, a total increment of 2,856 units (+17.2%). Honda comes second with 10,994 units sold, a total rise of 3,299 units (+42.9%). Toyota remains at third place with 6,162 units being sold, register a total gain of 1,632 units (+36%).

With majority of car brands register a rise of vehicle sales from February, Proton mark a slight fall from 6,099 units to 6,070 units. Besides, Ford register a slight fall from 474 units to 439 units.

Premium brands Mercedes mark an increment of 252 units (+27.9%), from 904 units to 1,156 units. While BMW register 850 units being sold on March, an increment of 200 units (+30.8%).

Among all the brands, Renault, Mitsubishi and Subaru are the biggest gainer for the month of March.

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