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3 Reasons Why Your Proton and Perodua Worth More Than You Think ( 2017-05-19 )

Selling car might sound like a troublesome procedure, it is not easy and time consuming. There are many reasons that one will sell their car, some might want to upgrade to a new one, some are in need for quick cash, some might move out of Malaysia or other reasons. It is best to believe that your first car is a national car, be it Proton or Perodua, it is the only option when you just started working on your first job. You might think that your car is invaluable now after driving it for 7 years, or even decided to scrap it in return with minimum amount of cash. If you are having that thought now, stick around for a while and let MyCarsearch tells you why Proton and Perodua worth more than you think.  

1. High demand

National car are at high demand right now. With the same reason as you did when you first purchase your first car, many would consider purchasing an used national car as their first car. Many simply wanting an affordable and functional car to travel to places, national car can simply fulfill their needs. National cars are reliable and the maintenance fee is inexpensive.

Let’s use Myvi as an example, a 2009 Perodua Myvi EZ is now cost at average RM19,000 upon trade in after driving for 7 years. The car depreciates only RM27,000 from the year of purchase. Comparing the Myvi with Korean manufactured 2009 Hyundai i10, the average trade in price is RM8,000, the car has depreciated around RM50,000. However, one might feel annoyed by the fact the nature of Korean cars are being bounded by low resale value. Instead of feeling upset, why not give a chance for our national car to impress you.

2. Low maintenance

Another reason is Proton and Perodua spare parts are relatively inexpensive compared to foreign cars. Perodua, being one of the biggest car manufacturer, goes through extensive of product development in Rawang. With the R&D being done in Malaysia, most of the spare parts can be easily purchased without import from overseas. With that, local car brands often offer 5 years of free service in order to keep your car in good condition and increase the resale value.

Another reason being OEM parts are easily accessible in the market. The spare parts are being produced by third party companies and being sold in reasonable price. However, purchasing OEM parts might cause the service warranty being voided due to unauthorized disassemble of car parts.

3. Disadvantage of scrap car

Scrapping your car is destroying your car and turning them into metal junk. The price of selling them is likely to be lesser than trading in. Even if your car is 15 years old, some of the parts might be usable, and you can sell them as separate parts. In a good scenario, if your 15 years old car works like a charm, you can definitely trade in as used car. With that, MyCarsearch recommend you to trade in your old car to fund your new car downpayment.

Your Proton and Perodua cars actually cost more than you think. They are functional city cars that take you and your family to places safely. For some, their Proton and Perodua serve a sentimental value for them. At the end of the day, everyone wants to make the most out of their old car. Get the best value for your car today with MyCarsearch, we are ready to turn your frown upside down.


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