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Vehicle Sales Report April 2017 by Brand : Sales Number Descend, Try Harder Next Month ( 2017-05-23 )

We received the vehicle sales data released by Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) for April, the sales figure had dipped from the previous month. With the Ringgit slowly back in favor, the market still struggle to go back to its glory state. There were total of 42,746 vehicles being registered on April, resulting a significant dropped of 10,971 units from last month 53,717 units.

National brand, Perodua still taking the lead with 14,378 units being sold, even though with a massive drop of 5,081 units. Honda comes second with 7,283 units, a significant drop from last month 10,994 units. Next, Toyota also suffer small loss of 344 units and register 5,818 units being sold for April. Proton comes at fourth place and register 5,616 units, a slight drop of 7.6% comparing to last month 6,070 units.

Premium brands, BMW is one of many that register an increment of 50 units and comes to a total of 900 units. On the other side, Mercedes-Benz register 721 units, a slight drop of 435 units compared to last month 1,156 units being sold.

Among all passenger vehicle brands, Mazda, Subaru, Kia, Peugeot and Audi register increment in sales. On the contrary, things are not looking good for Mitsubishi, Ford and Volvo.

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