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MyCarTech: Bluetooth ( 2017-05-29 )

These days, it is no longer uncommon to find Bluetooth connectivity in cars. Bluetooth was initially being developed for wireless headsets. However the technology was being adopted into automobile industry and widely being used to connect mobile devices with the infotainment system in the car. This week of MyCar Tech, MyCarsearch is going to let you know 5 ways how Bluetooth can benefit you.

1. Answer call safely

Taking phone calls while driving is a serious offence, it is one of the six primary causes of road accident. One that break the rules is punishable for RM300 summon ticket under JPJ Malaysia. In addition, being on the phone while driving causes distraction and lead to accident. However, Bluetooth will allow you to connect hands-free and so you can answer call safely while keeping your eyes on the road.

2. Play audio from device

It is a hassle to carry your CD and USB in order to listen to your favorite music while driving. It gets worse when you need a cable adapter. The Bluetooth technology enables easy access to your smartphone playlist without any plug-in. You can now listen to your favorite music and podcast at ease. With that, you can easily switch to the next song via the volume and seek button on the steering wheel.

3. Easy access to phone book

It will be convenient to make a reminder call while heading to a meeting. The Bluetooth system enable drivers to access the mobile phone book via voice recognition. Simply speak out the name of contact in order to allow the system to seek for names in your smartphone. This technology is being built in many cars, Ford SYNC system is one of many system that enable drivers to perform multi tasks while driving.

4. Navigate the map

Tapping the infotainment screen to look for location can be inconvenient sometimes, many choose to pull over their cars in order to get it done. However, do you know that you can navigate the map using voice command via Bluetooth technology? Yes, you can. The Bluetooth technology is able to pick up driver’s voice command such as, street name, name of building, name of company as well as nearest petrol station and navigate the map on their behalf.

5, Send a text

It is very frustrating while you are driving, your friend constantly asking, ‘Where are you?’ The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to send a text message using the pre-text options that being installed in the system. Some of the pre-text are, ‘On My Way’, ‘I’ll be there in 5 minutes’, ‘I will be late’ and etc. This will help you especially when you are late to meet up with your important guest. It is strictly no text while driving, however the Bluetooth can let you send a text without letting go the steering wheel.


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