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Top 5 Cars With Highest Retained Value ( 2017-06-01 )

Knowing your car depreciation value is like stepping on a weighing machine and afraid to look at the meter. Fear not, It is inevitable that when the car age with time, it is difficult to retain its initial value after years of driving. The best one can hope for is to maintain its resale value in order to give one enough to reduce the down payment when buying a new car. There are 3 main factors that affect a car resale value.

1. Brand

The brand of the vehicle could bring significant impact on used car value. Toyota, Honda, Perodua and Mazda rank on the top as being higher resale value brands. With various car value, these brands are able to retain 50% to 75% of their value in the first 3 years of ownership.

2. Parts and Interior

It is important that one should keep up with their maintenance schedule in the first 5 years of purchase. Instead of investing into high cost equipment like stereos systems and custom rims, car buyers should emphasize on keeping the car interior clean. One should avoid dirty stain on the car seats and scratch marks on the cosmetic parts. Not to mention, keeping the car odorless is a plus point.

3. Exterior condition

Car tint is able to cool down the interior and reduces the sun damage. Any dent and scratch on the exterior are going to impact a car resale value, make sure the car is being repaired and repainted before trade in. Alternatively, there are many drivers choose to go for ceramic paint coating onto their car body. It is a strong protective layers that can prevent the car from mud, dirt and scratch marks. The coating is effective to retain the car paint and reduce the needs for car waxing. 

MyCarsearch is going to present the best 5 cars with highest market resale value, comparing price of purchase and current trade in price.

Perodua Myvi

The Myvi is a truly Malaysian car, Perodua Myvi is a B-segment car produced by Malaysian manufacturer Perodua since year 2005. The Myvi is one of the adaptation from Japanese Kei-car, Daihatsu Boon, it has instantly become one of the best-selling models in Malaysia. We can easily spot Myvi on the road now. The Myvi is sold in an affordable price range which makes it easier for anyone to afford one.

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is Honda's famous C-segment sedan. Given its sporty design and low ground clearance, the Civic emerged from its competitors and become favorite sedan for Malaysian. Back in 2012, there are 2 engine permutations to choose from, the Civic 1.3 Hybrid and Civic 1.8 i-VTEC. Many car owners managed to try out the Hybrid vehicle from Honda for the first time.

Toyota Vios

The Toyota Vios has been through a few generations in Malaysia market, the significant TRD Sportivo variant is one of Malaysian favorite cars. Vios is a five doors sedan that appeal to young adult market, thanks to aftermarket parts and bodykit, Vios instantly took Malaysia by storm.

Honda City

The Honda City has a long history in Malaysia, from the early hatchback design and slowly becoming a sophisticated looking sedan. The Honda City remains as one of Malaysian favorite sedans. Going head to head with Vios, the City built in i-VTEC engine is powerful and spacious enough to be everyone family car.

Suzuki Swift

Aww, we miss the Suzuki. The Swift is Suzuki best-selling model in Malaysia, the sporty hatchback design is eye-captivating. The beauty does not come just from the outside, the Swift is packed with a powerful 1.5 VVT litre engine which goes 0 to 100KM in 8.9 seconds. Unfortunately, the Swift is no longer on sale in Malaysia, and that is what makes the Swift so treasurable.

Of all car models, we conclude that Japanese cars have the highest retained value in the current used car market. If your car is not on the list, do not be worry. MyCarsearch will always be here to assist you when you wish to trade in your current car in order to make space for a new car. 

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