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5 Mistakes People Make At Car Dealers ( 2017-06-15 )

It is the season to purchase a new car. As the Raya holiday is closing by, car dealers are conducting various promotions to boost their sales target. At the same time, many buyers could no longer contain their excitement to get their hands onto their brand new car. Peeps, hold your horses. There are more factors to consider in order to get the right car at the right price. MyCarsearch is here to remind you 5 mistakes people make at car dealers.

1. Skip the research

We have seen people spending hours comparing price before buying smartphone. However, when it comes to purchase a new car, buyers tend to merely listen to dealer’s words even knowing that dealers are often crafty. Research is crucial, especially finding out the car reliability as well as the long term maintenance cost. Buyers who focus on discounts and free gifts choose to conduct their research via Facebook and car forums, while some others would be hopping from one showroom to another for price comparison. Research is important, but often the best value come hand in hand with budget planning.

2. Assuming dealer's price is the final price

Many buyers would prefer the conventional door- to- door price comparison because buying a car from a dealer may sound more convenient to negotiate. However, car dealers do not offer the highest discount, one often ended up in between three figures only. Are they really doing right for you? Alternatively, you can use MyCarsearch to send in price request and accept the best deal at the comfort of your home. One can simply browse through all car models and compare each and every car without going through all the hassle.

3. Merely focusing on monthly instalment

Buying a new car is a great responsibility. The same rules apply to having a new born baby, you feed your car with fuel, paying monthly instalment, spending on maintenance fee and other miscellaneous costing. A basic rule to determine whether you can afford a new car, try to speculate if the required monthly instalment is 20% of your monthly salary. If the monthly instalment of the car is more than 20% of your monthly income, choose a less expensive car instead.

4. Settle in for lower trade in price

As the year goes by, your current car might not work as good as it was back in the days. It is your car calling for a trade in. As there are many ways to sell your car, selling to a dealer will probably get you less for it than through private sale. What if MyCarsearch is able to guide you through the complicated processes and you can still get the most out of your used car? MyCarsearch partnered with several used car dealers to quote your car and the dealers network covers the whole of Peninsula Malaysia. Let MyCarsearch guide you through the whole selling process including inspecting, confirming final sale price and transfering ownership.

5. Rushing to buy a car

There is really no rush to buy a new car. You should think rationally even the dealer is being very persuasive. With the constant improvement of public transport in the city of KL, most drivers decided to sell off their used car and go for ride hailing services. However, it is incomparable joy of sharing the perfect moment with your family members and not having a stranger sitting in the car with you. At the end of the day, it is the financial planning and getting the right car buying platform pave the way for you to your new car.

Here’s how it works, avoid making the 5 mistakes as mentioned above or simply give MyCarsearch a try. We partner with like-minded dealers and offer our customers with below market average prices when purchasing a new car. Trade in your used car with MyCarsearch and let the friendly ambassador guide you through the complicated processes at anytime and anywhere.

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