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Proton Persona Premium: We Like Some And We Dislike Some ( 2017-06-22 )

The Proton Persona Premium is the top spec of its range. We are completely surprised by Proton's innovation to improve both the outlook and the interior features of the new Persona. The Persona was first launched back in August 2016 and it has since becoming one of the best-selling model for Proton. The new Persona carries the great traits from its predecessor and steps ahead with the latest technology, all being featured in a curvy and edgy body frame. Proton is hoping that the Persona is going to carry the success of Waja and Preve and take it further. In this review, we are going to discover what are the likes and dislikes about the Persona Premium.


Like - New Edgy Outlook

The Persona shares the same platform with its sister, the Proton Iriz. The extended platform has given the Persona a huge boot space, it is as big as 510 litre. Proton has given the Persona a cross mark design front, it looks similar with Iriz but different. On the front, the chrome bar is being extended from both halogen headlamps to the front grille. On the back, the chrome bar is being used again to garnish the rear bootlid, while both rear lamps are being wrapped up by chrome finish. The Persona is easy on the eyes and simply sophisticated. If there is one thing to pick about the Persona and that would be the 15 inch wheels that looks small under the Persona body frame and makes the Persona looks like a trolley.

Like - Improved Safety Features

The Proton Persona Premium is well equipped with safety features. It has been rated by ASEAN NCAP as five-star rating just like the Honda Civic and Hyundai Ioniq. Apart from that, the Persona Premium comes with Electronic Stability Control, ABS/EBD/Brake Assist, Hill-Hold Assist and ISOFIX child seat anchors with top tether. Six airbags is available for Premium spec and two airbags for Executive and Standard variants. For the first time, Persona Premium comes with Keyless Entry and Push Start ignition. The Persona is definitely on par with most of the Japanese B-segment cars in the market these days.

Like - Comfortable Drive

I managed to spend half day time driving the Persona Premium on both highways and city roads. The drive in Persona is punchy, the acceleration is reactive without a doubt, thanks to the 1.6 VVT engine. However, the brake paddle is rather soft and it requires one to step deeper to reach the stopper. All of those might be the refinement needed to be done in the next version. The Persona leather seats is soft and comfy, nevertheless the driver seat provides great lumbar support. There are also no complaints from the passenger seats, the head rooms and leg rooms are sufficient. The rear passengers also get an USB charging port for their electronic gadget.

Like - Low NVH

Proton has done significant improvement for Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) in the Persona compared to the Iriz. While the Persona still look plasticky on the inside, the assemblement of the Persona has greatly improved. There are no obvious rattle noise when going through uneven potholes. There is significant reduction of tyre noise driving on tarmac, however the wind noise is noticeable only during high speed.

Dislike - Infotainment touch screen

The Persona Premium is kicking with 6.8 inch infotainment touchscreen head unit with Android operating system. The head unit comes with Bluetooth tethering, USB and AUX support. The head unit also works well with the reverse camera, providing great assistance when getting in and out of the parking spot. However, the head unit on the Persona Premium is not as responsive as we find on the Bezza, the system tends to laggy at times. There are no significant button to control most of the settings, making it hard to use when driving. While the navigation system is great to explore the urban city road, but it is not up to date and we ended up using Google map on our phone.

Dislike - Jerky CVT during slow drive

The Persona Premium comes with five speed manual transmission or CVT for option. The Proton CVT has always been the infamous discussion for the netizens. The CVT in the Persona is clutch based so it requires engaging before the car takes off from stationary which takes a few milliseconds. It is definitely not a deal breaker, with more time being spent with the Persona, one can easily adapt to it. Otherwise, one can go for the Persona Standard 5 –Speed Manual Transmission for better gear change and pedal calibration. It might be a letdown that Proton does not equip the Premium variant with stick shift selection.

The Proton Persona is placing itself as the B-segment alternative for the Japanese cars. Being aimed at family oriented buyer or young adults, the Proton Persona emerges to be the affordable choice. Even with the hiccups that being mentioned above, the Persona is undoubtedly another great car from Proton. If the Proton Persona is what you are looking for, get the best deal from MyCarsearch.

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