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Vehicle Sales Report May 2017 by Brand: Good Effort Pays Off, The Sales Figure Rises ( 2017-06-23 )

Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) releases the latest vehicle sales data for May 2017. Good news, the total vehicle sales achieve 50,600 units. There is an increment of total vehicle sales of 18% (7,854 units) compared to April. The reasons contributes to the boost of sales figures are new model launches and pre-Hari Raya festive promotions.

On top of the chart, we have Perodua continues to retain as the winner for selling 17,211 units, an increment of 2,833 units from last month 14,378 units. While Honda places on the second for selling 9,153 units, increase 2,833 units (+25.7%) from last month 7,283 units. Proton managed to take back the third place, the total units registered are 7,176, an increment of 1,560 units (+27.8%) from last month 5,616 units.

Toyota is now fourth place with 6,072 units sold, an increment of 254 units (+4.4%), Nissan is at fifth place with 2,650 units sold, an increment of 490 units (+22.7%). Premium brand Mercedes has made a huge leap into the sixth place, leading the premium segment with 1,084 units sold, an increment of 363 units (+50.3%).

However, Mazda registered a dip sales with 900 units sold, a drop of 88 units (-8.9%). BMW also suffer losses with 853 units sold, a drop of 47 units (-5.2%)

Other honorary remarks are Ford with 280 units increment, Mitsubishi with 131 units increment, Volvo with 44 units increment and Subaru with 42 units increment.

MAA is expecting that the vehicle sales volume in coming June will remain to be positive figures due to continuation effort of Hari Raya festive promotions and shorter working month.

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