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Two Airbags Are Better Than None, What About Six? ( 2017-06-30 )

Starting 1 January 2012, all vehicles manufacturers must fit their new cars with a minimum of two frontal airbags. The ruling is to reduce the numbers of people who are injured in road accidents and thus reduce the number of deaths. After 5 years of new ruling adaptation, it is time to find out whether are two airbags really enough to save lives?

How it works?

Airbags is designed to inflate extremely rapidly and quickly deflate during a collision. The airbags able to provide an energy absorbing surface between the drivers and passengers with steering wheel, dashboard, body-frame pillars and accident debris.  Study shows that airbags only work well when occupants are also wearing properly buckled seat belt over the lap and shoulders. The seat belts able to latch firmly on the occupants and prevent direct smashing on the steering wheel and dashboard while the airbags act as the last line of defense against serious injury.

Front airbags

Front airbags come out of the dashboard and protect the driver and front passenger in a front crash, and are required by law on all cars.

Knee airbags

Knee airbags inflate under the car dashboard to prevent lower leg injuries for both driver and passenger during collision.

Rear curtain airbags

Curtain airbags cover front and rear seats, though they also can protect third-row passengers in some larger vehicles.

Seatbelt airbags

The seatbelt airbag is Ford's latest safety feature. It helps spreading an accident force over a wider area on a person's upper body. With the force being wider spread, the impact of the accident is greatly reduced.

Are Six Airbags Really Better Than Two Airbags?

Yes. Although cars are much safer in collisions than they used to be but the driver’s attention on the road are greatly reduced due to distracted driving, speeding, reckless driving, text and drive and etc. Airbags act as the last line of defense when it comes to collision. Research suggests that airbags and seatbelts reduce the risk of serious head injury or death in a frontal collision by more than half. However, many car makers are producing cars with only two airbags, the expensive price tag is not being reflected in terms of safety features. Many inessential features are being installed instead of more airbags that could save lives when one encounters severe accidents. Therefore, as a wise consumer, one should prioritize the feasible technology that could optimize driver's driving experience instead of aesthetic of the car.

No. It takes a very specific kind of crash to deploy airbags. In situation where the car is going slower than 20kmh, the airbags will not inflate. In the above situation, drivers can only rely solely on the seatbelts pretensioners to kick in. The airbags should be carefully handled and critical component must be checked in order to make sure they work during collision. Prior to Takata airbags recall program, many do not know whether their car has any defective airbag which put them and their family at a greater risk. The airbags replacement usually cost RM3,000 to RM7,000 depends on year, make and model of vehicle. The more airbags in the car will lead to heavy financial burden to replace them.

MyCarsearch is here to suggest 5 cars with equipped six airbags.

1) Proton Persona Premium - RM59,800

2) Honda City V - RM92,000

3) Kia Rio - RM72,888

4) Hyundai Ioniq - RM103,399

5) Toyota Innova 2.0G - RM126,000

With the advancement of car technology, the safety features improve with time. Airbags are necessity rather than amenity. However, car makers should not go soft on the ruling. Instead of two airbags, carmakers should find the perfect balance to make up the inadequate of airbags with more safety features like Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and brake assist (BA) in order to mitigate the severe damage during collision.

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