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Uber Partners With Taxi Drivers To Offer Cab Booking Service ( 2017-07-12 )

Gabungan, an association representing Malaysian taxi companies, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with ride-hailing giant Uber to launch UberTaxi in Peninsular Malaysia.

Gabungan president Shalahuddin SM Amin says, “This way, they can potentially earn more money by spending more time earning ride fares, instead of spending time idling and waiting for rides,”

Previously, Uber users in Malaysia could only hail private cars as has initially been the case in most territories where the app has launched. The competition this model has introduced into these markets has often resulted in a pushback from licensed taxi industries locally.

Warren Tseng, General Manager for Uber in Malaysia and Singapore said, “Uber believes this partnership will provide a tangible demonstration of how giving more people the power of choice at the touch of a button makes things better for all driver-partners, riders, and the city. We support the Government’s intention to improve the overall public transportation landscape and will do our part to ensure a quality experience for all riders and driver-partners.



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