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Vehicle Sales Report June 2017 by Brand: After Raya, Car Sales Drop 0.6 Percent ( 2017-07-25 )

Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) releases the latest vehicle sales data for June 2017. The sales figure tumble a little from last month 50,600 units to 50,275 units and register a total drop of 0.6% (325 units). The reason contribute to the fall of the sales figure is because short working month due to Hari Raya festive holidays. However the gap is not that far, we are hoping that better sales figure on the month of July.

The all time chart-topper Perodua is at it again with 17,821 units registered, an increment of 610 units (+3.5%) from the month of May. Proton is standing strong on it's ground, registering 7,225 units, an increment of 49 units (+0.7%) from previous month. Honda comes second with 8,808 units registered, registering a drop of 345 units (-3.8%) from 9,153 units from the month before. Toyota comes at fourth with 5,330 units registered, a total drop of 742 units (-12.2%) from last month 6,072 units. Following by Nissan coming at fifth placce with 2,738 units registered, an increment of 88 units (+3.3%).

Mercedes Benz comes at sixth place with 1,241 units registered, an increment of 157 units (+14.1%) compared to the previous month. The rival BMW is slowly closing the gap, sitting at seventh place and registering 925 units, an increment of 72 units (+8.4%). On the contrary, things are not so good with Lexus (-31.3%), Ford (-16.7%), Peugeot (-13.1%) and Mazda (-11.0%). Other hononary remarks are Audi (+42.3%), Volkswagen (+34.7%), Mitsubishi (+26.8%) and Mini (+16.7%). 

MAA is expecting the sales for July to be maintained at June level, due to delays in the process of vehicle registrations due to uncertainties arising from the liberalisation of motor insurance from July 2017. To fellow car makers, let's prove them wrong.

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