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5 Ways on How To Keep Your Car Odorless ( 2017-08-15 )

To whom that obsessed with the new car smell, please pay attention, I know I am.

Cars are great for getting you from place to place, helping people move, and giving rides to friends and family but bad odor will eventually make their way into your car over the course of car ownership. No matter how hard you try to hide, the bad odor is going to be an unpleasant experience for both you and your passengers.

If you need an immediate help, many would go for car perfume as it makes a great temporary solution to the problem. One needs to get rid of the pungent smell requires change of habits and plenty of handwork. Here are the 5 ways to keep your car odorless.

1. Avoid smoking inside the car

A change of habit by not smoking in your car can go a long way. The cigarette smoke can deeply spread through the materials inside a car, making it very difficult to remove its smell. The fabric seats, mats and other soft, interior components of the car are excellent at absorbing scents, removing them will be a tough job.

2. Practise regular cleaning and vacuuming the interior

The simply easy way to eliminate car order is to clean your car. Vacuum regularly could help to reduce odors that being trapped in the upholstery, you may find dirt, crumbs and dead insects under the floor mats. Also, check for any trash that may fallen into hard-to-reach spaces. You may discover mold and mildew forming around the plastic parts, wipe the interior with the mix of vinegar and water. 

3. Use coffee, charcoal or baking soda powder to remove odor

Your household organic materials could make a great enemy for bad odor. Make use of coffee, charcoal or baking soda powder as they make a great odor-absorbing agents to neutralize bad odors in the car. If you encounter beverage spills on the fabric seats and carpets, sprinkle some baking soda onto the spillage and leave it for an hour. Vacuum or wipe off the baking soda and you will find the spillage is being cleared off.

4. Make it a habit to take out the trash

Your car is like your room, you might spend more than 4 hours driving a day and you would not want your private spaces to be filled by trash. You should always make it a habit to remove the food wrappers and beverage cups out from your car. The perishable leftovers could emit strong and pungent smell after keeping them in the car over a day. Moreover, your stacked trash could possess as a threat to your safety. Plastic container will release toxic emission once being exposed under hot sun, inhaling toxic odor could lead to respiratory diseases.

5. Consider working with the weather change

Malaysia is hot and humid all year long, it is just the optimum weather for bacteria and mold to spread wild in your car. However, fear not, one can work with the weather change and benefit from it. During sunny days, let the sunlight enters the car by rolling down the windows as it is able to reduce bacteria and mold from growing. Practising habit of rolling up the windows before leaving the car to make sure interior remains dry.

The smell of your car carries your first impression, a bad odor is a turn off. Imagine your passengers have to constantly cover their nose from the pungent smell emitted from your car, that would be embarrassing. Also, bad odor might affect your body health, you would suffer from headache or nausea as a result of smelling bad odor for a long period of time. A smelly car will reduce its resale value, car dealerships will immediately set a low bar for your car if it smells bad. Therefore, consider the tips and tricks that being provided above. May you have a pleasant driving journey on the road.

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