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5 Benefits Of Car Tint And Recommended Window Tint In Malaysia ( 2017-08-16 )

Of all the car accessories that are available for purchase, windows tint is one of the most common purchase for new car owner. Windows tint is increasingly popular in the recent years, be it for aesthetic enhancement or provide long-lasting protection for driver and their vehicle.

MyCarsearch is going to inform you what are the 5 benefits of car tint and providing you a few recommended tint brand. So the next time you get a new car, you would know which car tint is suitable for you.

1. Fade reduction

Having car tint professionally installed on your car is able protect your car interior from fading due to harsh sunlight. The car tint is able to minimize the sun light damage that fade the upholstery and discolor the leather seats. Also, the car tint protects car parts from cracking so your car will always looks as good as new.

2. Heat regulation

We are living in Malaysia and we have to deal with the unbearable heat all year long. Your car gets hot pretty quickly after being parked under the hot sun. Car tint is a great way to keep the car interior cool and it can goes as much as 65% of total solar energy reduction. With that, one can protect the interior parts from color fading and prevent cracking. Most importantly, it saves energy from strong blasting the ventilation to cool down the car.

3. UV ray blockage

It is important to protect our skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. According to sources, majority skin cancers in US develop on the left side of people’s bodies and faces as a result of long hours driving under hot sun exposure. Putting on the car tint could block up to 99% of the sun harmful UV rays and put a stop on skin aging and skin cancer. The windows tint also blocks windshield glare that can potentially causes eye fatigue from direct sun and bright LED headlamps during night time driving.

4. Security

Windows tint comes in wide range of shades and colors, providing various degree of light being transmitted into the car. Some car tint provides anti-breaking capabilities whereby passengers are being protected from flying glass shards when accident happens. Anti-theft films has clear adhesive film that holds glass fragment in place, making it harder to crack a hole through the car window. In that case, you have gained yourself more time to get away from the scene. 

5. Privacy

The government has reinforced tint regulation by limiting the percentage of visible light able to be transmitted into the car simply for security purpose. However, many tints still provide great privacy and prevent people from the outside to peek into your car. It is great because it will not make an inviting act for thieves to break in if you have forgotten your valuables in the car.

MyCarsearch Recommended tint

There are plenty of tint brands out in the market that offers great heat insulation and glare isolation functionalities. Drivers often go for the most inexpensive ones, bear in mind that lower cost tint are often lower quality, the tint would have great tendency to fade, fracture, bubble or fall off. If you having trouble choosing the right tint, MyCarsearch is here to recommend 3 types of tints that are able to fit your needs.

To recap, here are the tint terminology.


Armorgard Safety 4 Mil

Infographic of Armorgard Safety 4 Mil showing 50 percet VLT, 70 percent IRR, 99 percent UVR

LLumar Titanium 4-50

Infographic of LLumar Titanium 4-50 showing 50 percent VLT, 90 percent IRR, 45 percent TSER, 99 percent UVR

3M Scotchfield Crystalline 40 (Safety)

Infographic of LLumar Titanium 4-50 showing 39 percent VLT, 97 percent IRR, 60 percent TSER, 99 percent UVR

Hope you have well-awared that car tint is beneficial for your day to day driving experience, If you still need some guidance for choosing the right tint, you can always refer to our previous article on Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing the Right Tint

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