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Weekly Round up: Penang Bridge Lane Closure One Year for Maintenance, Top 10 Automakers Worldwide for June 2017, Hyundai Next Generation FCEV Is Here and more ( 2017-08-18 )

Penang bridge lane will be closed consecutively for one year due to maintenance

According to Malay Mail Online, the slow and emergency lanes on the first Penang Bridge will be closed for one year due to scheduled maintenance works on the bridge's stay cables. Operator PLUS Malaysia Berhad said the lanes will be closed for six months on one side and another six months on the other side starting this August 22.

To meet with the high traffic flow during peak hours, the tidal flow lane will be activated between 4pm and 8pm on the mainland-bound lane during the first six months. The tidal flow lane on the island-bound lane will be activated between 6am to 10am from February until August 2018 when maintenance works started on that side. The middle lanes of the bridge will also be closed at night to allow installation of scaffolding, passenger lifts and inspection works. (SOURCE: MALAY MAIL ONLINE)


Top 10 automakers for June 2017 according to Jato Dynamics

If you are wondering who are the top 10 carmakers so far? We have the report from Jato Dynamics. Jato Dynamic has offices in 45 countries and provides automotive intelligence for more than 50 markets.

According to the report, Volkswagen Group is firmly in the top position on this list with 907,553 vehicles sold, while Renault-Nissan and Toyota are neck-and-neck in the next two places, Renault-Nissan registers 855,043 vehicles sold while Toyota registers 811,850 vehicles sold. General Motors place on fourth with 644,499 vehicles sold, Ford place on fifth with 547,601 vehicles sold. Korean car maker Hyundai and Kia places on sixth with combine figure of 530,875 vehicles sold. The list goes on with Honda, FCA, PSA Peugeot Citroen and Daimler. The above figures represent light vehicles sales and it does not count heavy trucks and buses. However it reflect the close to the retail reality due to the figures reflect the true sales to end users. (SOURCE: FORBES)


Hyundai Next-Generation FCEV (Fuel Cell Energy Vehicle)

Hyundai unveiled the Next Generation FCEV crossover, the vehicle features a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain with plenty of revisions over the Tucson. FCEV is a type of electric vehicle that uses fuel cell instead of battery to power its on-board electric motor. The system in this concept is actually Hyundai's fourth-generation fuel cell. Its efficiency is up over the Tucson, which helps contribute to its estimated full-tank range of 800 km. It is 20 percent more powerful, at about 160 horsepower. It can start in temperatures as low as 22 degrees Fahrenheit. The compressed hydrogen gas is stored in three equally sized tanks to help balance the vehicle.

On the inside, the cabin looks sleek and clean, almost looking like a luxurious Genesis than a Hyundai. The gauges and buttons are neatly arranged with the center console rises up for a cockpit design outlook. Fuel cell vehicles will continue to be a priority for Hyundai as it looks to sustain its leadership in the area, with a hydrogen-powered bus to be uncovered in the fourth quarter of this year. (SOURCE: CNET)


Volkswagen T-Roc teaser video is out

The VW T-Roc might be coming your way very soon. VW's latest trailer gives us our best look yet at the small crossover's exterior. There are some gratuitous badge and taillight shots, but we also get a peek at the chrome element that follows the top of the windows, as well as a quick glimpse of the rear end's shape. The T-Roc is a crossover with coupe like body structure is a fresh breathe in the automotive market. Check out the trailer to see it for yourself.


Toyota patents cloaking device to make car pillars transparent

Toyota has recently patented a cloaking device that could make cars safer by turning parts of them appear invisible. The company recently acquired a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for “Apparatuses and methods for making an object appear transparent,” The patent describes a cloaking device designed to turn vehicles’ A-pillars to the left and right of the car’s dashboard invisible, improving road visibility for the driver. The use of mirrors can bend light around an object making it visible from the other side. Let’s hope that Toyota will move forward with this technology, it could bring a big impact on car safety. (SOURCE: THE DRIVE)


BMW unveiled the Concept Z4

BMW has teased us again with the legendary BMW roadster, Concept Z4.  BMW has unveiled the Concept Z4 on last Thursday during the Monterey Car Week festivities held in California. The Concept Z4 is a spot on roadster aesthetic, with low slung body and extended engine hood. The roadster is being fitted with two seaters and seated on top of the rear axle which makes the car looks aggressively sporty.

On the inside, there is a lap timer being built into the bottom of the steering wheel, modern minimalist design center console and two different colors seats with different material. There is no specific statement for the powertrain yet, however it is expected to be fast. (SOURCE: CNET)


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